An Overview to the Laws and Regulations Surrounding Betting in General

Anybody who is interested in placing a bet of any type should first ensure that the sites or venues that they are thinking of placing a bet at is fully licensed and regulated, in the country in which they reside in.

Online and mobile sports betting however has come a very long way in the last few years, and as such many countries have now a framework in place that enables them to highly regulate and issue gambling licenses to companies involved in gambling and betting that are deemed to be suitable for gamblers based in their respective countries.

This particular guide that I have put together is going to be taking an overview as some of the most widely accepted betting laws, and as such you are going to find lots of brick and mortar as well as online and mobile betting sites will abide by the following gambling laws and regulations.

Minimal Legal Age to Bet

One aspect to gambling and betting anywhere and in any environment that is going to be very strictly enforced is the minimal age to gamble laws.

Each sportsbook either land based, online or mobile sportsbooks are going to have to very clearly display the minimal legal age to gamble that every single one of their customers must have attained before they can gamble at those sites and venues.

Any sportsbook that permits underage gambling at their sites or venues does risk not only a huge fine but they also risk losing their license to operate too, which is why this aspect of gambling is very strictly enforced.

Anybody that does appear to be under the legal age to gamble is to be challenged by an employee of the company, and if that person cannot provide proof by way of identification documents then they are to be ejected from the promises.

In regards to online and mobile gambling sites each of them much have in place a way of verifying the age of each of their customers and will often request when a new customer signs up to their resistive site that they much provide copies of their identification documents proving they are old enough to gamble.

Fast Settlement of Wagers

Getting paid out your winnings quickly is what every gambler will be demanding, and as such when using any type of sportsbook that is fully licensed and regulated they will be offering their customers fast settlements of all bets placed.

If there are any steward’s enquiries or objections then of course the payment of winnings can be withheld until the outcome of any specific sorting event has been officially declared.

The way in which payouts are to be made to customers of betting sites and sportsbooks that will be determined by the value of the winning payouts and the fastest and safest way chosen by customers and/or betting companies top payout those winnings too.

There will also be a range of different payment options also available, and in some circumstances customers may be offered a line of credit, however they will of course need to pass all relevant credit checks and the like in regards to obtaining a line of credit.

That line of credit will need to be paid off in the time scale determine by the betting company, but in most cases such lines of credit are required to be paid off within 28 days of a customer using them.

Know Your Customer Requirements

To prevent money laundering and underage gambling all betting sites and betting venues are required by law to ensure that they know the identify an age of every single one of their customers and the way in which they are going to do that will be fairly similar.

If you are challenged inside a land based sportsbook or betting shop to prove you age and/or identity then as long as you have a passport or driving license at hand they will be happy to allow that to be used at identification.

If you are betting and gabling online or via a mobile device then at some point after you have signed up you will be required to have to send in a copy of some legal documents to prove your identity and age, which could be a passport, driving licensed and a recent utility bill.

Be aware that if you are unable at any time to prove your identity or age then each betting sites or betting venue has the right to refuse to take and accept your bets and can ask you to leave their premises too until you can prove who you are and your age.

Segregated Customer Funds

There is often the requirement that Sportsbooks and betting companies are legally required to keep their clients funds completely segregated from other bank accounts and funds used by such companies, to ensure that a customer always has access to their funds.

However, that is not necessarily going to be the case at all online and mobile betting sites, and with that in mind it is very important that anyone who does wish to gamble in any shape or form online only signs up to a betting or gambling site that does keep customer funds in a completely segregated account.

The way in which you are going to determine when any company does comply with that legal requirement is by checking who the licensing agency or gambling commission is that has issued them with their gambling license.

It is then the gambling license issuers duty to constantly monitor each betting company to ensure that the funds of customers of those businesses are kept in a completely segregated account, and also that each company has enough funds to make them solvent and able to pay out their winning customers and customers funds held in their accounts upon request.

Responsible Gambling

It is going to be determined in which country you are gambling from and also which betting environment that you gamble as to what a betting site or sportsbook operator is going to be offering you by way of a responsible gambling policy.

By you making what I would call a very wise decision of gambling only at sports betting sites that are fully licensed and regulated by one of the major licensing authorities or gambling commissions you are going to be given a range of options that will always ensure you gamble responsibly and can never gamble more money that you can afford to use.

Those options will include a range of settings that pop up on your screen when you log into a betting sites either online or via a betting app.

You will then be able to set how much you are prepared to deposit over a set period of time and also how much you are prepared to lose over a set period of time too and also just how long you want to remain logged into the betting site.

Please do consider making use of those self imposed options, to allow you to always stay in control when betting.

Self Exclusion

It is important to know and fully understand that if you are experiencing problems being able to control your gambling activities, there are several different ways that you are going to be able to get those problems addressed and many gambling sites and venues have systems in place to help you help yourself.

One way that you can certainly remove the temptation from gambling at any licensed and regulated land based brick and mortar gambling venue or from any mobile or online gambling app or site is to do something known as a self exclusion.

What you are required to do is to tell the gambling company that owns and operates those venues app or sites that you wish to self exclude yourself and they will often give you form to fill in and then sign.

Once you have then filled in the self exclusion form and signed it you will then be banned from ever gambling there again, if you do try to gamble at any venue, site or on any app your have self excluded from you will be removed from those premises or have any new account you have opened immediately closed.

Restricted Territories

Whilst you are of course going to be able to walk into and gamble at any betting or gambling related venue as long as you are old enough to visit such a place and you have never self excluded yourself from that venue, when you are gambling online there are some different laws and regulations in place.

Every single gambling site is going to be licensed in one or more than one country, and often if you live in any other country that they do not hold a license in then you are not going to be able to sign up and gamble at those sites.

There are however some exceptions to those rules, for some betting and gambling sites will allow and accept players from any country, however those venues are often not licensed and regulated at all or they are licensed in a jurisdiction that is not best known for their licensing regulations nor enforcing them.

You will be taking many risks least of all not getting paid out your winnings if you do sign up to a non licensed betting or gambling site, and as such stick to gambling only at sites that are licensed, ideally in your country of residence.

Video Footage and Audio Commentary

Many gamblers much prefer placing bets and agers either via a mobile betting app or via an online betting platform, for by doing so they are not going to have to make any real concerted effort to get their bets and wagers placed, as they can do it at any time they live without having to visit a sportsbook or betting shop in person.

However, you may be wondering if there are just as many benefits of gambling in such an environment as there are in a land based betting venues, for there are often lots of additional extras available at such a venue when compared with betting online or via a mobile device.

The one main thing that has always given brick and mortar betting venues and edge over online and mobile betting sites is that they screen live footage from many different sporting events.

However, what you are not going to find is that more and more licensed and regulated betting sites and betting apps will have an online video stream or live audio commentary available that allows you to either see and watch or hear commentary from a range of different live sporting events.

Complaints Procedure

Whilst the vast majority of betting sites and gambling and betting related companies have a fully automated way in which they settle their customer’s bets and wagers, you may come across some that actually settle their winning and losing customers bets by hand.

In such circumstances you will often find when betting at such places and venues there will be slightly longer delays in regards to the amount of time it takes such sites and venues to settle all of your winning bets.

Also, keep in mind that from time to time there may be errors made on setting winning bets and wagers, and if you spot an error then you should contact the company you places your bets at and ask them to rectify those errors.

Most gambling commissions and/or licensing authorities will have a system in place where you can contact them to get them to address any problems that the betting company has not been able to rectify and the details of how to do so will be found on their respective websites which is usually where you will need to submit your complaint to allow it to be address and a solution to those problems solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a quite a number of different questions that you may have in regards to specific and generally accepted betting laws and regulations, and if you do have some you may find the answers below.

Keep in mind however that each country of the world will have they own set in stone laws surrounding betting, and you should familiarise yourself with those country specific laws if you do intend gambling in one particular country.

Whist countries have strict gambling laws?

There are many countries of the world that have some very strict gambling laws, and there are also some countries of the world that have made gambling in any shape or form completely illegal.

As such as someone who is thinking of gambling you should always ensure that the country in which you reside does permit gambling and also that you are old enough to gamble in that country too, and then checkout just which gambling related venues and sites have been approved and licensed in your home country of residence.

Also, make sure that the betting or gambling site you are thinking of signing up to is going to allow you to place bets in your own currency too, and that they are going to be offering you cost effective banking options to both send cash into your account and also plenty of options to allow you to make a withdrawal too.

Can I bet online in any country legally?

There have always been, and there will always be Sportsbooks and gambling related websites that are going to allow you to sign up to them no matter in which country your reside.

Even if the country you live in has made gambling illegal there are many offshore based gambling companies that will be only too happy to accept you as a customer of theirs and then place any types of bets and wagers you wish to place at their respective gambling sites.

However, by utilizing such a site you may be breaking the laws in your own country of residence, and even if you are not doing so you have no protection what so ever if you do ever run into any type of problems at such a site!

You are therefore going to be best advised to ensure that the gambling sites and venues you do gamble at have ideally been licensed in your own home country, for that way you are unlikely to be breaking any laws gambling there and you will of course always have the protection of the gambling commission or licensing authority that has issued those venues with their licenses.

What online payment systems are available to gamblers?

If you do decide to gamble online then you are going to find there will be quite a lot of different ways that you can make a deposit and also make a withdrawal to and from your gambling site accounts.

However, one of the most important aspects of choosing just which banking option to make use of is whether you are going to be forced to have to pay any fees and charges for using one particular payment method.

Most people who do gamble regularly online will choose to make use of a web or e-wallet as they way they both fund their gambling site accounts and get paid their winnings out of such a site, as that way they can keep their gambling funds and bankroll completely separate from their bank accounts is one easy to use online account.

Can I set my own gambling limits?

Over the last few years a lot of different Gambling Commissions and online Gaming Authorities have chosen to put into place legal requirements that state that any company that offers any type of online gambling services licensed by each of them must have in place on their sites or apps a set of user configurable betting limit option settings.

As such by making the very smart and wise decision by only ever signing up to and then gambling at a licensed and regulated gambling site you are always going to be able to set your own gambling limits when you log into your online account.

By making use of such settings then you are never going to run any type of risk in regards to you gambling much more than you may have initially intended to do, and with that in mind make sure you do always make use of those gambling limit settings before you start to gamble at any online gambling related site or when using any type of mobile gambling app too.

How much can I bet on one sporting event?

It is of course going to be where you choose to place any type of bet or wager in regards to just how much you are then going to be allowed to place on any type of sporting event, as each sportsbook and betting site are going to have their own maximum payout limits and their own maximum bet amounts too.

If you do intend to gamble for some very substantial amounts then I cannot stress the importance of you picking out where to place your bets at very carefully.

Only place bets in a sportsbook or at a betting site that has a full and valid gambling license that has been issued by the country you reside in, and also make sure that you shop around to ensure you get the maximum returns from your wagers too.

When betting for high stakes, even the smallest percentage point difference in regards to the payout odds can make a huge difference in regards to the winnings that you could achieve if your bet turns out to be a winning one, and you are always going to want to ensure that you are getting the maximum value from each of your individual bets and wagers too!