Cheltenham Moves onto Day Four

March 16, 2018 March 16, 2018 David Nugent
Cheltenham Day Four

This year’s Cheltenham Festival has, so far, been a fine display of horse racing at its very best, and whilst not all results have gone punters way, there have been some horses winning that put the smile on many punters faces and money in their pockets.

It is now day four of the Cheltenham Festival, and today does see another packed schedule of races, and with the weather probably not being at its best that does affect the going on the course, so some of the horses you may have fancied earlier in the year to win any of the races being held today may need rethinking!

As I have been saying all week though if you are planning on betting on any of the horses in any of the races at Cheltenham today then make sure you shop around and compare the odds that are on offer, for there can be and is a huge differences  regarding the odds you will be bale to make use of at various different betting sites.

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Best Betting Opportunities Today at Cheltenham

Let me start off by taking a look at just which horse is likely to win the first race of the day at Cheltenham that being the 13:30 race, well, all eyes will be on number eight that being Apple’s Shakira, for there has been a lot of money placed on that horse already, resulting it is becoming the 7/4 favourite to win, and win it may just do!

Moving onto the next race of the day at Cheltenham, that being the Cheltenham 14:10 race, now I have a feeling that it is the jockey and trainer partnership of Bleu Et Rouge that does give this horse an outstanding chance of winning this race, and with the odds currently available of 8/1 the potential rewards really are there for the taking!

I have been pondering on the likely winner of the Cheltenham 14:50 and probably like many other punters out there I am tied between two horses that do have the potential to win a race of this nature and they are Santini at odds of 7/2 and Chef Des Obeaux who is on offer at slightly better value at odds of 5/1.

On the other hand, in the Cheltenham 15:30 race it is very hard to look past the chances of Native River at 9/2, and it does have to be said those odds do in my opinion look very generous when you take everything into account, so that may be a horse to consider betting on today.

Plenty of Betting Opportunities at Cheltenham

There is something of a puzzle to be solved in the Cheltenham 16:10 race, for there are no horses running it in that I would say jump off the race card at you, but one that I do think is in with a good a chance as any horse is Burning Ambition and if you agree then you are going to be rewarded with odds of 7/2.

Plenty of thrills and spills are expected in the Cheltenham 16:50 race and it is a big field as you would expect, however if you are looking for a horse that is at the very least going to give you a good run for your money then look no further than Flawless Escape whose odds are currently 13/2.

The final race of the day today at Cheltenham is of course the 17:30 race, and I presume it will be down to just how well or bad you have been doing today regarding the best you have placed as to just how much you can place on any of the horses in his race.

However, there is a good chance of North Hill Harvey winning, and what makes that horse appealing at the current moment in time to a lot of punters is its odds are high as 8/1, but keep in mind those odds may just decrease in value as the starting time for the race gets closers, so get your bets on easily is my advice!

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