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May 6, 2018 May 6, 2018 Amanda Rothman
Betting Markets on the Eurovision Song Contest

Every now and then I like to present to you some different types of betting opportunities you may be interested in placing, as opposed to just betting on sporting events and fixtures, and with that in mind today I would like to present to you the current betting markets that are available on the Eurovision Song Contest!

Now as you are probably aware, it is not usually the red-hot favourite that does win that singing contest, and there is often a lot of tactical voting from the countries that are involved in it.

Therefore, if you do fancy having a punt on your home nation or for that matter any other there are some quite high odds being offered by several different betting sites right now.

It is Israel that are leading the betting markets and their odds of winning are currently 7/4, however the next favourites and those listed high up the betting markets include Estonia at 11/2, Norway at 13/2 and you will get 10/1 on France.

Some other countries that may return so high valued winning pay-outs if you bet on them right now include Bulgaria 12/1, the Czech Republic and Cyprus and each of them are on offer at odds of 12/1.

Sweden are on offer at odds of 20/1 and if you fancy the chances of Italy winning then consider taking advantage of their current odds those being 25/1, all other countries are available at odds of at least 33/1 however there are several of them that can be had at odds of over 100/1 too!

To Finish in the Top 4

As no one knows just which country is going to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it may be more beneficial for you to consider placing a bet on which country you think is going to finish in the top four, and whilst the odds associated with each country will be much lower than on the outright betting markets you do have a much greater chance of winning when you place such a bet!

Therefore, let me now enlighten you on the odds of the most likely teams that could finish in one of the top four positions, and keep in mind you can bet on as many different teams as you like.

Israel are 1/2 to finish in the top 4 but once bet that I think is highly likely to be a winning one is for you to have a bet on Estonia too finish in the top four as their odds of doing so are even money.

Norway are 11/10, Bulgaria are 6/4 and a couple of other counties that may just finish in the top four include France at odds of 13/8 and the Czech Republic at 9/4

If you do fancy placing such a bet then consider placing a bet on some of the countries that have much bigger odds, for as I have already mentioned up above any country could win or finish in the top four.

Therefore a few other countries to consider having a punt on include Cyprus at odds of 3/1, Sweden who are 4/1, Australia at 9/2, Greece who are currently 6/1 to finish in the top four and Italy at 6/1 and Finland who are 6/1 too.

To Finish in the Top 10

If you want to place a very minimal type of bet on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, then consider choosing one of the countries that you think is going to be in the top 10 positions once the results have all come in.

Due to the nature of this betting markets and as there is a very fair chance any team you do select is going to finish in the top- 10 the odds you will find attached to this type of betting markets are not going to be in any way shape or form huge!

The countries that do have the greatest chance of finishing in the top 10 positions and their odds are Israel who you will find currently on offer at odds of 1/5, Estonia are not far behind them in the betting markets at their odds of 1/4 and you probably will not go far wrong betting on Norway at their current odds of 1/3 to finish in the top 10.

You may also be interested in placing a bet on France at 2/5 or Sweden who are also on offer at odds of 2/5 and I would never put you of betting on either the Czech Republic or Bulgaria to finish in the top 10 either and their odds are both the same at 1/2!

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