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February 17, 2018 February 17, 2018 Claire Aleman

It has been with the help of companies such as BetFred that Rugby has been able to progress and find the funds needed to operate, for the sponsorship given that sport by that huge UK bookmaker has been appreciated and needed too.

However being a betting firm BetFred have not sponsored that sport simply down to their generosity, they also do want people to place bets and wagers on it via their online and mobile channels or simply by placing a bet in any of their betting shops.

Whilst you are of course going to find several different betting sites, apps and betting shops too that will take bets and wagers on the BetFred Super League, it is often at the BetFred betting sites where the best value can be found.

With that in mind I paid their website a visit earlier today to take a look at several different BetFred Super League betting markets, and below I am going to be giving you an insight into just which teams, if the betting markets are to be believed, that have the best chance of being crowned the champions of that league this season.

It is worth also comparing the odds you will be able to take on any of the following teams at different betting sites or even at a range of different betting exchanges too as there may be slightly better odds on offer if you do spend some time shopping around and comparing the current odds on offer.

The Grand Final Winner 2018 Betting Market

Due to the number of teams in the league if you fancy placing an each way bet on a team to finish in one of the top positions of the league then you are only going to find the number of places you will be paid out for are the teams in the top to positions, and you will get half of the win odds on the place part of such bets.

However, if you prefer placing an outright winner bet on the team you feel is going to be crowned the winner of the league then below is an overview of each team’s current odds, but as always the sooner that you place such a bet the more chance you will have of finding these odds still available!

The team that is currently heading the betting market to win the BetFred Super League this season is St Helens at odds of 11/4, however they are only just leading the betting market for teams such as Wigan at 4/1, Leeds at 5/1 and even Hull at 11/2 do have a chance of winning too!

You may fancy some of the mid-range teams  to win those with slightly better odds associated with them and if so Castleford can be had at odds of 6/1 and also Warrington are available right now at odds of 8/1.

The following teams do however have very little chance what so ever of winning the league this season, and they are Huddersfield at 33/1, Wakefield also at 33/1, and if you fancy placing a bet on either Catalans or Salford then odds of 150/1 are currently up for grabs.

The two teams that are currently the total joint outsiders to in the league this season are Hull KR and of course Widnes and the odds you can get on both of them are huge at some 200/1!

Regular Season Winner Betting Opportunities

You may also be interested in placing a simple bet on the team that you think is going finish at the top of the regular season, that being when they have played of 23 games each, and if so then here are the odds of each team being that winner.

St Helens top the betting market at odds of 9/4 and they are very closely followed by Wigan 7/2 and it does have to be said a fair number of people are betting on Wigan by the way!

You can get odds on both Leeds and Hull of 11/2 and not far behind them both in the betting market is Castleford at odds of 6/1.

It would appear that due to their form and their performance this year the likes of Warrington at 14/1 and Huddersfield and Wakefield at odds of 25/1 they have no chance of winning, the same could also be said for Hull KR, Catalans, Salford and of course Widnes who can all be had at odds of a huge 150/1!

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