Tips from Tonight’s Evening Race Meeting at Windsor

May 14, 2018 May 14, 2018 David Nugent
Windsor Evening Race Meeting

You are in for an excellent evening of horse racing if you choose to visit the Windsor racecourse, or sit back at home and watch that meeting on television tonight.

There are plenty of races and runners and riders are hoping their luck will be in on the racecourse, and as you may be about to place some bets and wagers, let me pass onto you a few tips on the horses that may get their heads across the finishing line in first position this evening!

The evening horse race meeting at Windsor tonight kicks off in style with the 17:20 race, and whilst you will find plenty of bookmaker paying out up to three places and offering one fifth of the odds on the place part of an each-way bet, I think it is going to be worth your while placing a simple win bet on the number 4 horse that being Airmax.

That horse does have by far and away the best form in the race, and by betting on it sooner rather than later you should be able to secure early odds of 9/4 and should find plenty of betting sites and bookmakers that will give you a best odds guarantee on that race and horse too!

Moving onto the Windsor 17:50 race it is very hard to look past the number 2 horse that being James Watt, whilst you are not going to be rewarded with huge odds, as it is only 13/8, it is a horse I think is certainly going to be in the mix up!

Silent Echo Looks a Solid Bet

If you only want to place one bet tonight, then I think it will be worth waiting until the Windsor 18:20 race, for I have been following Silent Echo for quite some time now and I feel this race is going to be the making of that horse!

In fact, having scouted around several betting sites this morning I have found the best odds currently available on Silent Echo are 3/1, however do keep in mind you may get slightly better odds than that by making use of a betting change!

The following horse race is the Windsor 18:50 but that does look like a very tricky race to select the winner of, for there are several runners that could win this race, however if I did have to pick a horse then it would be the number 5 hours, that being Oh This Is Us.

The best odds available I have so far come across are 15/8 so I would certainly advise you to try and secure some better value if you can do as this is a quite open race and any of the top three horses in the betting could come out on top!

It is hard to look any further than the number 4 horse in the Windsor 19:20, that horse is Desert Path and if everything does fall into place I can see it winning by a fair number of lengths, if you do fancy betting on it the current odds of 9/4 do look rather tempting, but I expect those odds to drop as the race starting time approaches, so do keep that in mind!

Look Out for Dream Machine in the 19:50 Race

One of the best valued horses at the evening meeting at Windsor tonight in my opinion is in the Windsor 19:50 race, and that horse is the 4-horse called Dream Machine which I do think is going to take this race in its stride.

However, even though this horse is currently the favourite to win that race, not many bookmakers and betting sites think it is a strong favourite for most of them are going a generous 9/2 on it winning, so do try and secure those odds if you are like me and fancy its chances!

Moving onto the Windsor 20:20 race, that race does look like the only way you are going to be able to pick the winner of it is by randomly sticking a pin in the list of runners, however one horse that has a fair and reasonable chance of winning it is the number 8 horse that being Swiss Belle, and the bets odds I have so far seen on Swiss Belle are 8/1.

Keep in mind that as the evening race meeting tonight at Windsor is likely to attract plenty of bets and wagers that does of course mean there should be plenty of liquidity in the betting exchanges, and that is where you should consider looking or the best value on any runners and riders you do fancy betting on later this evening!

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