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April 30, 2018 April 30, 2018 Amanda Rothman
Wolverhampton Racecourse

You can always rely on the Wolverhampton racecourse team to put on a fine display of racing whenever they have a meeting scheduled, and that is exactly what you are going to find on offer today.

The first race of the day kicks off at 14:10and with many bookmakers going one fifth the odds on the first three placed runners it you are prepared to look outside the first couple of favourites then there is certainly some value to be had.

Regarding the first two favourites they are currently Rasima whose odds are 11/10 and Perfection at 7/2, however I would consider placing a speculative bet on the top weight horse that being Dance on The Day who you can bet on at odds of around 11/2

Moving onto the second race of the day at Wolverhampton that being the 14:40 Cash out race, this is certainly going to be a race for value hunters to the top two in the betting are currently on offer at 4/1 and they are the number 2 hours that being Ronnie The Rooster  and the number 4 horse Ubla  4/1 in fact, news just in the number 7 horse is not also on offer at 4.1 too and that horse is

I think its fair to say that one of those three horses are going to win that race and as such that is where you should be placing your money, but which one will be will be your decision to make, but their respective form does stand out when compared to the form of the other runners.

Mid Afternoon Wolverhampton Races

Good news if you are a Sky customer, for they are about to launch Sky Sports Racing soon and as such you will find it is available free if you are one of their customers so you will not have to pay to watch that channel which is the case when you want to watch some of the other racing channels.

Moving onto the next race of the day that is of course the Wolverhampton 15:15 race and it appears, base don’t he form of all the runners and riders that the number one horse does have by far and away the very best chance of winning.

That horse is called Tivoli and currently its odds are 6/4, the horse that is most likely to follow it home and may be worth including in a straight forecast or exacta type of bet is the number two horse that being Ortiz who odds are currently 5/2!

The fourth race of the day will b e the Wolverhampton 15:50 race and there are two horses I do think have a very good chance of winning this race and they are the number one horse that being Windsorlot who is on offer generally at odds of 3/1 and the number 6 horse that being Noneedtotellme whose odds are around the 4/1 mark!

The odds on both of those horses can and will vary at different betting sites so be prepared to hunt around for the best odds on offer if you do fancy betting on either of them to ensure that you get the best odds available!

Final Three Races of the Day

There are three other races that you are going to be able to bet on at Wolverhampton today and the very nest one scheduled to start at 16:25 is one in which there is something of a red-hot favourite that is already attracting a lot of money on the betting markets.

The horse is the top weight and therefore the number 1 in the betting that being a horse called Mootasadir, but the odds are not huge and as such if you do fancy betting on it the best odds you will find at the current moment in time are 8/13!

From a betting point of view there is a bit of a puzzle in the next race that being the Wolverhampton 16:55 however having a taken a good long look through the odds and form of each other I think the best valued one to bet on is the number 8 horse that being Sky Eagle whose odds are 2/1.

The very last race of the day at this racecourse is the Wolverhampton 17:25 race and fi you are around and fancy placing a bet on it the one horse that has the best chance of winning is the current favourite that being Chloellie and the odds on that horse are currently 7/4.

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