Today’s Racing Tips from Fontwell Park

April 20, 2018 April 20, 2018 David Nugent
Racing Tips from Fontwell

There is another full afternoon of racing over at Fontwell Park racecourse today, and with so many betting opportunities available on every single race, I will be listing all the top racing tips from that racecourse below.

Keep in mind that as many UK bookmakers are going to be offering you early odds on each of the runners, there is going to be some value in you taking advantage of the best odds guarantees that are often coupled in with those early prices.

By taking advantage of such promotional offers you must take the odds offered by a bookmaker when placing your bet, however, if the horse or horses you bet on have a starting price higher than the odds you took when placing your bets, you are paid out at those higher odds.

With that in mind, if you are planning on placing some bets today then please do read through the following tips and then get your bets placed as earlier as you possibly can do, for those early prices and best odds guarantees will not be on offer all day!

The first race of the day at Fontwell Park is the 13:40 race, and the only horse that I do feel is going to have a chance of winning that race if the number three horse that being Risk and Roll, the current best odds I have found on it however are 5/6 so it is currently the red hot favourite in that race too!

Wotzizname Nap of the Day at Fontwell

The next race scheduled to take place at Fontwell Park is the 14:15 race and the horse I have been following for quite some time and the one that if everything does go to plan should win it easily is Wotzizname whose odds are currently 6/4

The only other horse, going in its form that may trouble that horse is Toviere at 9/4, but looking at the form and the jockeys I think that Wotzizname will finish in first place and Toviere will come in second, so it may be worth placing a straight forecast on that race, so do consider doing so!

The trainer of Canelo who is 6/5 to win the next race of the day at Fontwell Park is in form and as such there is a lot to be said of the chances of that horse today, in fact looking at the other runners the only other horse that has the form to win this race is the 7/4 shot Dandy Dan.

The Fontwell 15:25 race is a little trickier to pick the winner of for part from Bishops Court who is on offer and readily available at odds of 11/1. All the other horses do have an excellent chance of winning, however I will go with the number 3 horse that being Rock on Oscar who can be had currently at some generous odds of 11/4 at most betting and bookmaker’s sites and apps.

Final Races at Fontwell Park Today

There are eleven horses that are scheduled to take part in the Fontwell 15:55 race and I am unsure as to whether Ballyantics who can be had at odds of 11/4 or Mab Dab whose odds are 3/1 will be the winner of that race, however I am confident that one of them will win it so it’s going to be something of a tossup on which one you should bet on!

In my opinion, it is going to be much easier picking the winner of the next race at Fontwell Park today that being the 16:25 race for it is Soulsaver whose odds are currently around the 2/1 mark that does have an outstanding chance of its form, so that should be the horse you do consider placing a bet on today in that race!

The next race will be the Fontwell 16:55 race, and whilst you will not get rich betting my tip in that race due to the fact its odds are 11/8, it is still a horse worth backing, and could also be a horse worth including in any double or treble bets you do decide to place today and that horse is of course Spirit of Chartwell who does clearly have the very best form in that race!

In the last race of the day at Fontwell Park, that being the Fontwell Park 17:30race, there is one horse I would consider backing and that is Luck’s Boy who hopefully will take this race in its stride!

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