Todays Racing Tips from Lingfield

March 30, 2018 March 30, 2018 Craig Anthony
Racing Tips from Lingfield Park

Lingfield Park is holding a full days racing schedule today, and if you are thinking of placing a few horse race related bets today, then below I am going to be passing a few tips for you.

The trick to getting the best value however is by knowing where to place your Lingfield racecourse related bets and wagers, for many online betting sites and bookmakers will have special offers on in the morning, whilst betting exchanges are going to allow you to ask for your own odds too.

In fact, when you set about using a betting change you can not only pick a horse to bet on to win, but you can also lay a bet on any horses that you think are going to lose too!

The very first race of the day is the Lingfield 13:30 race, and most betting sites will offer you a fifth of the odds on an each-way bet up to four places, so if you do not fancy placing a win type bet you could get plenty of value when placing an each way bet instead.

The horse which is fancied to take this race in its stride is Wahash and if you act quickly you are going to find it available at a handful of betting sites, betting apps and even in betting shops at 9/2, but those odds are likely to change as the starting time gets closer so do keep that in mind if you do fancy placing a bet on it!

More Betting Tips from Lingfield Racecourse

The second race of the day being held at Lingfield racecourse is the Lingfield 14:00 race and there are two horses that I feel have the skill and ability to win this race and they are Watersmeet at 100/30 and Mountain Bell whose odds are currently 9/2.

The nest race however is a little bit more puzzling, and that is of course the Lingfield 14:30 race, I do  however like the look of Summer Icon whose odds are currently fairly generous at 11/2, and whilst not the favourite in the betting markets to win this race I do feel that horse as just as good a chance as any other horse in this race!

Moving onto the Lingfield 15: race it is very hard to see any of the other horses running in this race that are going to trouble the current favourite in the betting markets, that being Kachy however the odds are not that huge on that horse but at 2/1 there is a little bit of value to be had by betting on it if it does win!

There is one horse that I do also like the look of in the Lingfield 15:40 and that is the join second favourite that being Never Back Down, if anything does happen to the favourite then I feel the odds of 4/1 are certainly going to help you get a decent return from betting on this race!

Lock in Better Betting Value at Lingfield

As mentioned up above there can be plenty of value to be had if you do fancy placing any number and value of bets and wagers at Lingfield racecourse today, and with that in mind I would urge you to find a betting site or betting app you have never utilized before and sign up and claim their welcome bonus offers.

What I would also suggest you always make a point of doing however, regarding signing up to any betting site or betting app that you have never used before, is stick to the ones that are fully licensed and fully regulated too.

By doing so you are going to minimize or negate the risk of you experiencing any problems when betting at such a site, and you are always going to get paid out your winnings at a licensed betting sites quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

But it is always going to be the case that for you to have many chance of getting the best odds possible on any horses you do fancy betting on, not just today but on any given day of the week, you do need to shop around and compare the odds available to you.

As there are now so many different odds comparison websites, I think you will be best off selecting such a site to compare all the odds available on whatever it is you are thinking of betting on today!

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