Are Accumulator Bets Way Too Risky For Punters?

January 6, 2018 July 20, 2018 Craig Anthony

To be perfectly honest, any type of bet you place on any sporting event is going to be risky, however when you place an accumulator or parlay bet as they are also known, every single team, horse, athlete or greyhound you name must win their respective matches or races for you to receive a winning payout.

The way in which an accumulator type bet has been designed is fairly easy to understand, for you just pick out how many selections you wish to place on one of them and then select a stake.

If the first team, athlete greyhound or horse wins their respective sporting event then the winnings and your original stake roll over onto the second one, if any of them lose your bet loses but if they all win you could win some massive amounts of cash of course

It is therefore that element of risk that may be too much for some punters, however as you are able to place such bets for very low stake amounts and can still win big when doing so, they are very appealing bets to place.

So never be afraid of placing an accumulator bet if fancy placing one, and as a bit of an insurance policy you could always choose to additionally bet on each of your selections you list on your accumulator bet separately, so you will get something back as winnings if one or more of them do win!

Early Cash-Out Accumulators

There are some betting sites that are going to offer you a brand new type of accumulator bet, and this new bet type may appeal to you if you are the type of punters who gets very nervous when your first few selections have won and you are waiting for the others to win!

That new accumulator bet is one that allows you to cash out your winnings at any time that any current and remaining selections are not in play on their associated sporting events, and as such if you want to cash out early then you can do and the remainder of your accumulator bet will become null and void.

There is of course a risk that you remaining selections may just win if you do diced to cash out early, however if you are prepared to take that risk in exchange for cold hard cash then do consider placing such a bet.

But having said that, most of the excitement and the fun and entertainment value of placing such an accumulator or parlay type of bet is the waiting for the next selection to run its race or play their match.

If you are completely averse to risk then you should not be betting in the first place, or at the very least you should only be placing single outright winner bets so you are never waiting for any remaining selections to play off their matches or run their races!

Be Aware of Maximum Payout Limits!

One other thing that you should always be aware of if and when you are placing any type of bets that do have the potential to payout some very large amounts of cash, is that all betting sites are going to have a limit in place in regards to how much any of their customers can win from a single bet.

As such, I would strongly advise you to try and work out the potential returns you could win if every single one of your selections on any accumulator bet you place are winning ones, and if those potential winnings are higher than the maximum payout limit then reduce the stake you place onto them.

No betting site is going to pay you out more than their payout limit, and as such if you do win more than that amount form a single bet then the excess will simply be voided out by the betting site.

That is something no sports bettor is ever going to want to experience, so make sure you check and then double check just to see if your stake and the odds on each of your selections will take you over the payout limit if your accumulator bets win.

Some betting sites could also offer you a bonus if all of your selections on an accumulator type of bet win, so hunt around for there will be plenty of value to be had by placing your bets and wagers at those betting sites of course!

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