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April 24, 2018 July 20, 2018 Barbara Cohen
Royal Baby Name Betting

The third child of Prince William and his wife Kate was born yesterday on St George Day in the UK, and as always happens when a new royal baby comes along, there is a mad media frenzy.

We are all now aware that Kate gave birth to a bouncing 8-pound 7 oz baby boy, and many people are now trying to predict what they will call him.

In fact, so much is the interest in the name of the new royal baby, all major betting sites and bookmakers have opened up a royal baby name betting market, and I think it is apt that today I take a good long hard look through those betting markets to allow you to see just what odds are available on a  range of potential names, if you do fancy placing such a bet!

Keep in mind though that time is of the essence when you do wish to place such a bet for the babies name will very shortly be announced and as such if you do fancy placing a bet on any of the names listed below, and want to guarantee the odds listed, the sooner you place your bet the better!

Also, be aware that some of the names listed below are never going to be chosen by William and Kate, so do not be too tempted to place a bet on some of the more unusual names that are on offer at huge odds, for they are at huge odds for a reason!

Arthur is the Favourite Name for the Royal Baby

It has been reported that there have been some very hefty bets placed on the name Arthur, and as such that is currently the red hot favourite in this royal baby name betting  market, so if you want to follow the smart money and place a bet on that name being chosen the odds you will get offered are currently around the 2/1 mark!

It will not surprise you to learn that Phillip is the second favourite baby name. and the odds on that name are currently 4/1, the obvious reason that is the second favourite baby name is that the babies great grandfather is of course Prince Philip, and many people think it would be nice if the new baby was name after Prince Phillip.

Carrying on with the regal sounding names, the next name in the royal baby betting markets is James, and the odds on the baby being given that name as his first name are 5/1, however another name that could be chosen which is a royal sounding name is of course Albert and the odds on that name are 6/1.

One name that is available at short odds but shouldn’t be is Fred at 8/1, I think the reason that name is on the shortlist of one betting site, that being Dones Bookmakers, is that the owner of that bookmaking chain is called Fred Done!

Other Baby Names

Let me now look at some of the other names that could of course be chosen by Prince William and Kate, the first is Thomas and the odds of the baby being called that name are 12/1, or if you think they will call the baby Alexander then the odds you will currently be offered are around the 14/1 mark.

Jack could be a name they give to the new addition to the royal family and that name is on offer at odds of 14/1, they could also choose to name the baby after his uncle Prince Harry and as such the odds on that name being chosen are 14/1 too.

Michael could be a possible name for the baby and the odds on that name along with Edward and William are 16/1, however if you are thinking of picking a name at much higher odds then consider having a bet on names such as Louis or Alfred at 20/1, or how about the name of the babies grandfather that being Charles and that name can be had at odds of 25/1.

David and Peter are available at odds of 33/1, and both Richard and Francis can be had at odds of 40/1, several names are available at some high odds of 50/1 and they include Nicholas, Benjamin, Daniel, Jacob, Joseph, Matthew, John, Rupert, Samuel and Andrew.

There are also some baby names on offer at very high odds of 100/1 and those names include Christopher, Edmund, Hugo, Wayne, Barry and Patrick 100/1.

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