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January 27, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

By signing up to and logging into a betting site you are often going to find that in addition to you being able to access the respective betting platforms and betting markets at those betting sites, you are also going to be given access to a range of casino themed and styled casino games too.

If you live in the UK for example, you will often notice that the range of side games as they are known on offer by most leading UK High Street Bookmakers that do have an online betting site will be supplied and designed by a company called Playtech.

Therefore, what I have decided to do today, as I do know a lot of sports bettors may like playing the occasional side game when they are also placing their bets and wagers online, is to put together a listing of the games that are available from Playtech at any online betting sites that offer progressive jackpots.

However, the listing you will find below are their range of games that have progressive jackpots that have not been won for quite a long time, and as such the jackpots on offer on those games are overdue, and may just be about to be won!

Each casino game is of course random, so there is no real way of knowing when they will payout their jackpots,, but I feel you are always going to have a better chance of winning when a jackpot is overdue rather than when a game has recently awarded its jackpot!

Betting Site Side Games Currently Worth Playing

If you find yourself gambling at any betting site that offers the Playtech range of casino games as side games then consider giving the Frankie Dettori’s Golden 7 slot some of your serious attention.

That game is full of bonus games and bonus features but the best aspect about it right now is that its jackpot is currently at an all time high that being some €533,897 and for reference its average jackpot payout amount is some €429,612!

You are going to be in for a rollercoaster type of gaming experience if you set about playing the Queen of the Pyramids slot and when you choose to get stuck into playing the 25 cent version of that game you have the chance currently of winning a huge €149,708 jackpot.

What makes that slot worth playing right now however is the simple fact that the average jackpot this Egyptian themed slot games tend to payout to its players is €43,486 so its current jackpot is overdue for sure!

One more game from Playtech that I think you will also enjoy playing is the Lotto Madness slot and that slot games current jackpot is high in value at €74,298 and its average jackpot payout is just €66,152, so you can see for yourself why it is a slot game I advise you to play right now, before someone else bags that huge valued progressive jackpot!

Betting Sites That Payout Instantly

What you are going to need to be fully aware of if you do intend to sign up to and bet and also play some of the casino themed side games available at any betting site, is that not all of them are going to pay out winners instantly.

As such, if you do gamble and play at some betting sites online when you request a winning payout from your account it could take a few days for those sites to process your winnings and it could then take a few extra days for you to receive your winning payouts too.

Therefore it does make sense that you actively hunt around for a betting site that is always going to have a range of payment options available to you that will allow you to withdraw all of your winnings instantly and get them paid out to you on the spot.

To be able to achieve an instant winning payout thought, you will need to have a payment option selected and available to you that allows the betting site to pay you instantly.

That isn’t going to prove to be very difficult for you will simply need to get a web or e-wallet, or even start to use a cryptocurrency as that way any instant paying betting site is going to be able to pay you out all of your winnings in real time and never with any long and drawn out delays either!

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