Can Bookmakers Compete with Betting Exchanges?

March 11, 2018 July 20, 2018 Amanda Rothman
Betting Sites and Betting Exchanges

Things have been difficult for many betting sites and bookmaker’s sites in the last few years, for they do face a lot of stiff competition not only from each of their many their competitors but also due to ongoing popularity of betting exchanges.

Betting exchanges are peer to peer betting platforms that allow punters to not only place bets on any sporting events and seek the best odds possible by requesting them, but they also allow punters to lay bets from other punters too.

As such those punters do tend to be a savvy bunch, for if they are not happy with the odds being offered to them via the more tradition bookmakers and betting sites they can simply log onto a betting exchange where they are assured of getting some much higher valued odds.

That does of course raise the question are betting sites and bookmakers going to be able to remain financially viable, well the simple answer is of course they can for Ladbrokes for example and also Paddy Power have bought their own betting exchanges, and many other bookmakers use betting exchanges to lay off bets they have received from their customers.

In fact, most bookmakers are doing extremely well, however they are of course prone to good luck of their customers but in the long term they are always going to be around and will continue to offer punters every single type of bet they can imagine on every single type of sporting events too.

FOBT’s Currently Under Review

Whilst the long-term future of betting sites and betting apps looks secure, the same cannot however be said of the thousands of betting shops spread across the Untied Kingdom, for it is possible that one of the biggest sources of revenues for those betting shops could be pulled from under them.

Those income streams are of course from the FOBT’s, those gaming machines have bene popular with punters since they first appeared in betting shops back in 2006, and if it wasn’t for those machines many betting shops would have closed their doors many years ago.

Currently however the UK Government is in the process of reviewing whether the maximum stakes players of those fixed odds betting terminals can place on the machines is to be lowered, and if so that is going to have a devastating effect on the financially feasibility of many betting shops.

The current maximum permitted stake per game played off whether that being Roulette games or any of the many other casino styled games available on those machines is 100 GBP.

However, there is talk of the maximum stake being lowered to a much smaller 2GBP, and as such if the stake levels are lowered then many betting shops will not be able to afford to run their shops which is turn is going to see many of them being forced to close.

Keeping Their Customers Betting

There is of course only one way that any betting shops or betting sites or any company that is involved in sports betting is going to be able to remain profitable over the long term is by ensuring their customers bet and that they also have a steady stream of new customers too.

That can be quite an expensive thing to do, for when it comes to acquiring new customers it can be very expensive acquiring new customers for all manner of promotional offers, including but not limited to free matches bets and deposit match bonuses much be made available to new customers to get them to sign up.

There are plenty of other ways however that many betting sites need to embrace if they do want to keep their punters happy and gambling, one of which is by offering the fastest possible pay-outs of winnings to their customers.

If a betting site does offer fast winning pay-outs and ensure their customers do have access to plenty of betting markets and generous odds on those betting markets and can claim value packed bonuses, then they should be able to survive no matter what.

But any betting sites, mobile betting apps companies that run land-based betting shops, offices and sportsbooks that are not prepared to give their customers the very best betting opportunities possible will find that they are not going to be in business for very long, as all punters do now have access to the internet and as such are always going to be able to shop around.

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