Don’t Get Stung Using Betting Site Bonuses

January 21, 2018 July 20, 2018 Amanda Rothman

Whilst most betting sites do of course operate to the very highest of industry standards, there are still plenty of them that are neither licensed nor regulated and as such they can and do get away with all manner of unethical practices.

One way in which such sites will lure in customers is which the use of very generous welcome bonuses, often those sign up promotional offers are so large in size many punters cannot resist depositing and then claiming them.

However, it is at the moment in time that a punter actually wins with such a bonus that he and her will start t experience problems much more so when they decide to withdraw those innings form their betting site account.

The list of excuses an unlicensed betting site will use to get out of paying any customer that has won with a bonus is never ending however they will often use one term that will state something along the lines of the management reserves the right to void any bets they deem to be obtain through the use of abusing bonuses.

As such the next time you do get the urge to place a bet online and are thinking of signing up to a new betting site you are not already a customer of, then make sure the terms and conditions are written fairly and the site you are about to gamble at does hold a full gambling license!

Sensibly Structured Bonuses

The way in which any betting sites bonuses should be designed is in such a way that customers of those sites always know how to initially claim such bonuses, what they are allowed to use their bonus credits on and also if there are any maximum stakes they can place with bonus credits and any restrictions in regards to how much they can win and whether the winnings are paid as cash or bonus credits.

Often when you claim a betting type deposit match bonus or sometimes a free matched bet you are obliged to have to place a certain volume of wagers before any winnings achieved are turned into cash credits.

As such you will need to be on the lookout for bonuses that have a very low play through requirements and those which award all winnings as cash credits.

It is often the case that you are going to find the very best structured bonus offers at bookmaker’s sites and online betting sites that are fully licensed and regulated.

Placing any type of real money bet at a betting site that isn’t licensed or regulated anywhere will be putting your bankroll at risk, as such sites can then do anything they like with your winnings including never paying them out, and you will have no one to turn to if that does happen to you, so always place bets at licensed betting sites for complete peace of mind at all times!

Where to Complain About a Betting Site

If you do ever run into any type of problems when gambling at an online getting site then as long as that betting site is fully licensed and regulated you do have a very good chance of getting your problems resolved, even if the betting site is unable or unwilling to help you do so!

What you will need to do is to find out where the betting site is licensed and then approach that Gaming Commission or the Gaming Authority that issued them with their licence to see if there is a complaints procedure in place that you can use to get your problems addressed.

If that is something not available then you will find that most if not all Gaming Commissions and Gaming Authorities will have a system in place where each of their license holders must nominate an independent third party to step in and act as a mediator when any complaints or problems arise. Those third parties are often known as Alternative Disrepute Resolution Service or ADR for short.

Once you are aware of the ADR for the betting site you are experiencing problems at then simply fill in their online complaints form or email them and enlighten them on who you are and the betting site you are having probes at and mention ideally in full with any supporting evidence the nature of your complaint, by doing so they will then help you get your problems address but in an unbiased way.


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