FOBT Regulation About to Get Tested

July 19, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Nugent

UK betting shop operators have around two years to get their FOBT machines updated to the new maximum £2.00 stake limit, and whilst that process should take minutes to perform using modern technology, it will be on the last day possible that they will of course make those changes.

However, I have heard on the grapevine that a new generation of gambling games are already being developed to accommodate the much lower maximum stake limit, which was as high as £100 per 20 seconds.

Those new machines are being designed in a similar way to slot machines, but will be offering a completely different playing structure on which players will be able to play for £2 stakes but much quicker, much like a slot machines takes a second or so to complete a spin of its reels!

Those games will obviously attract the attention to gambling problem charities who are bound to be up in arms at the speed at which they can be played, for unlike the 20 second minimum time limit the roulette games were allowed to be played at, even at £2 stakes gamblers can lose a lot of money in a very short space of time!

What’s Additive about FOBT Machines?

The main problem with FOBT’s is that they can currently be played for some huge amounts of cash, playing t stakes on roulette games for the maximum stake of £100 ever 20 seconds could soon bust the bankroll of even a high roller, if the wheel doesn’t spin their way!

Many people who do play FOBT’s report that they go into a trans-like stake when playing them and often spend way more money than they intended to, and some people have gambled away huge fortunes on those machines, which by the way only have a maximum £500 pay-out per spin of the roulette wheel too!

Will Players Just Start Playing Online?

One of the most bizarre things about FOBT machines is that whilst many players do tend to play them in their local betting shop, the exact same games that are available on those machines can now be played online.

As such anybody who does enjoy playing Roulette games for  example on the FOBT’s can simply sign up to an online or mobile casino site offering those games and play from the comfort of their own home.

However, if they do so they are going to be able play for even higher stake levels than those betting sop located FOBT’s! That is a situation that does need looking into, for is people can get addicted to playing roulette games in betting shops they can just  as easily get into trouble when playing hem online.

In fact, as it is much easier for a player to use their debit or even credit cards at an online or mobile casino style, and could very easily blow their entire bank account balance in a very short space to time when gambling at a casino site!

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