Greyhound Racing Trap Challenges

January 15, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

It will not have escaped your notice if you have the occasional flutter on greyhound races that there are plenty of unique bets and agers you can place.

One aspect of visiting a greyhound track is that you do need to split up your bankroll so that it will last the entire morning, afternoon or evening, and with there being lots of aces scheduled at each track each day, having a bet on each race may just prove to be expensive!

However, there is one type of bet that is going to allow you to have an interest in each race for a relatively small financial outlay, if of course you wish to bet small, and that type of bet is known as a Trap Challenge bet.

All that you have to do when placing such a bet is to pick out the trap that you think is going to produce the most winners over the course of any one single meeting.

Most greyhound races will have just six greyhounds running in them, and as such you do have a one in six change of picking out the winning trap. Obviously the main benefit of such a bet is that you can bet on more than one trap if you so desire, and the odds on each one quoted by bookmakers will be determined by the greyhounds running from each trap.

As you will know anything can and often does happen in a greyhound race, so it is not always the favourites that win a race, so never be put off betting on a trap that may house the outsiders or be on offer at some higher odds!

Greyhound Racing in Decline

Sadly it does appear that greyhound is no long the popular sport it once was, and the main reason for that is that many people can now long afford or be bothered to visit such a venue for they do have a plethora of other sporting events or activities they can pick and choose from.

The attendance levels of all greyhound tracks do drop very noticeably in the winter months for it does take something of a determined soul to spend a cold winters evening at a greyhound track!

More and more greyhound tracks in the UK especially are actually owned and operated by bookmakers, for that allows them to guarantee there will always be a daily schedule of greyhound races up and running.

If you have never visited a greyhound track before then do consider doing so, for there are often a large number of special offers, deals and promotions such venues run to get punters through their turnstiles, and it can be a fun evening out.

Many greyhound tracks have invested heavily in their food outlets and as such you can grab some excellent valued meals, and often get a drink at a fraction of the cost charged by other venues, and could of course go home in profit if you do pick out a few winning greyhounds and bet on them!

Greyhound Racing Bet Types

If you can think of a bet type there is a strong possibility that there will be bookmakers or sports betting sites somewhere that will offer you that type of bet on a greyhound race, however there are plenty of fairly standard bets and wagers you can place on a greyhound race.

The most obvious bet is a simple to win or outright winner type of bet on which you are faced with nothing more strenuous than picking out which one of the greyhounds running in each race you fancy placing a bet on.

You may also be tempted to place something known as a forecast bet when betting on greyhounds and by placing such a bet you have to pick the greyhound you hope will win but additionally you need to pick the greyhound you hope finished second.

By doing so if your greyhounds do finish first and second in the order you predicted you will be rewarded with some large payout odds, which are declared after the running of each race.

If you are feeling rather lucky you could also consider placing a tricast bet and by doing so you then have to pick out the greyhounds that you hope will finish first, second and third in any race in the correct order, the odds on you doing so are of course high but so are the payout odds you will be rewarded with if you beat those odds!

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