Lucky 15 Bets Are Still a Popular Wager

February 12, 2018 July 20, 2018 Claire Aleman

There are many weird and wonderful bet types you are always going to come across when you start betting online, on a mobile device or even when you wander into any sportsbook or betting shop.

One of the most popular bet types with punters is a bet that is often associated with horse racing, but can in fact be used  to place a series of linked bets on any sporting events is a bet known as a Lucky 15 bet.

If you are still learning the ropes so to speak in regards to placing bets online then in today’s news story I am going to be letting you know how a Lucky 15 bet has been designed, and why a huge number of punters place such bets every single day of the week.

You will find such a bet is available in any betting environment, so you are not going to have to make any type of concerted effort to find a betting venue or site or even an app at which to place such a bet, as they can be placed in all betting environments and can be quite cost effective bets too.

The first thing you do need to know about placing a Lucky 15 bet is that you are first going to have to pick our four selections to place onto it, which could be four horses running in different races, four soccer teams playing in different matches or for that matter any four selections you can think of.

The Way a Lucky 15 Bet Is Designed

Once you have picked out four different selections to place onto your Lucky 15 Bet then you will need to pick a stake at which to have on that bet. Be aware that in total that bet, as the name does imply does have a total of 15 linked bets associated with it.

Therefore if you choose to place a unit stake of 1.00 on such a bet the total cost of placing that bet will be 15.00, however you can place any unit stake you ant so you could pick a smaller one or a higher one, that is going to be completely up to you and your bankroll.

Those fifteen bets are made up as four single bets, and as such if you only get one winner then you are going to get something back from the one single bet that as a winning one.

However, you will of course hopefully want to get all four of those selections winning, for when you do so all fifteen of those bets that make up a Lucky 15 bet will be winning ones.

There are a total of six doubles on that bet too and a total of four treble bets on it and one fourfold accumulator type of bet too.  So if you do get all four of your selections winning their respective sporting events then you are going to be in line for a big winning payout, as long as the odds on those selection where high!

Placing a Lucky 15 Bet

If you do fancy placing a Lucky 15 bet then you will of course need to find a betting site or venue that accepts them, but as I have mentioned up above many such venues and sites do accept them so you will not find it too hard to find somewhere to place such a bet.

One thing I should also point out is that you do have the option of taking the current odds available on any of your four individual selection that you place on that bet, and in the case of four horses running in different races for example you may prefer not to take their current odds but have the bet settled at the starting prices instead.

Many diffident betting sites and bookmakers also have a bonus that is going to be paid out to you if you for example place a Lucky 15 bet but only one of your selections turns out to be a winning one.

That bonus can be a different sized one, however the most commonly available one ill see your winning payout being doubled if you only pick out one inning on a Lucky 15 bet. So do shop around for the value of those bonus payouts can and will vary depending on here you choose to place a bet, and you will be best off finding a site offering the highest bonus obviously!

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