Many Bookmakers Prefer FOBT Players to Sports Bettors

January 8, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

It really does speak volumes when bookmakers are more interested in keeping their customers playing the FOBT’s than ensuring their sports betting customers have something of a fully rounded gambling experience when visiting their shops and betting offices!

However, that is the case these days for many bookmakers have chosen to stop accepting large bets off their sports betting customers, and have also been known to refuse to accept bets off punters they deem to be professional gamblers or just very lucky!

As such when you wander into some betting shops these days you may find you cannot place high valued bets on horse races, football matches or most types of sporting events and sporting fixtures.

However, you will be more than welcome to play the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and will have no limits placed on how much you can gamble on them in any one single session!

It is of course down to the simple facts that each game available on those FOBT machines do come with a built in house edge, and that ensures that over the long term each game will make a very healthy profit for the bookmakers, which is something their more standard sports betting markets cannot guarantee.

If you ever do visit a betting shop then keep that in mind, for it appears the days of having an enjoyable day at the bookies as a sports bettor have long gone, unless you are prepared to sit in front of a FOBT that is!

Games Available on FOBT’s

The range of and types of games you will find on offer on a bookies FOBT are quite varied, however they mainly do tend to come with some form of a casino game type theme.

As such expect to find plenty of different types of slot machines on offer on FOBT’s many of which will give players the option of playing for some relatively low stake amounts or some fairly high stake amounts too.

I have also seen Blackjack games available on FOBT’s, however I would say it is the Roulette games of which there are many different variants on offer on a FOBT that are the most played category of games.

Be aware though that the stake levels and the maximum payouts per single game played off are strictly regulated and as such players cannot gamble more than £100 on one single game they play off individually and cannot win more than £500 per game played off either.

However, there is currently a report being commissioned into whether the maximum stake limit should be reduced on such gaming machines, and many people are suggesting that the maximum stake could be lowered down to £50, however some gambling related charities are demanding that the maximum stake per game played off should be lowered to just £2.

I will of course keep you fully updated if and when that report has been finalised and released and will let you know if there have been any changes in regards to the maximum stakes on FOBT’s too.

Why FOBT Machines Are High Risk

It has been said that FOBT’s are the most addictive type of gaming machines you can pay, however I would somewhat dispute that, for any type of gaming machines could be looked upon as addictive if those payers playing them lack self control.

I am also of the mind that there should be no caps put into place in regards to how much people can gamble per game played on a FOBT, for it is not the choice of the government or a gambling commission to dictate to people how they can spend their own money or how much they can gamble at a time.

In fact, you only have to wander into a casino in any town and city in the UK and you are going to be able to spend way more than £100 per game you play on card and table games, so it does seem somewhat unfair to limit betting shops to some draconian laws in regards to the stakes their gaming machines can have on offer on them.

However, at the end of the day I am fairly sure that the UK Government in conjunction with the UK Gambling Commission may give in to pressure from gambling charities and lower the maximum stakes on FOBT’s, however they will lower them to a figure that does allow punters to gamble for some fair high stakes, and I think £50 will be the maximum stake suggest an then put into law.

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