New Huge Sportsbook at the Stratosphere

May 21, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

After paying big bucks for the purchase of four Nevada based casinos, Golden Entertainment are certainly not waiting any time revamping the biggest of those venues, that being the Stratosphere.

They have currently relocated their sportsbooks up on their retail level just as the top of the escalators as a temporary measure, whilst the remodel the gaming floor down below.

In fact, at the time of writing this news stories I witnessed the construction workers moving in on the area of the casino that houses the players club, the slot tournament area, the sportsbook bar and the sportsbook, and I expect in the next hour or so those workers to start ripping the guts out of that section of the casinos gaming floor.

What they are going to be doing is adding a microbrewery, a deli and a huge sportsbook, the like of which that part of the Strip has never seen before, and that is of course good news for sports bettors who like the fact that the Stratosphere Casino and their Sportsbooks has become famed for their generous money lines, and odds and of course their comp club scheme too.

It is going to take a good couple of weeks until that news sportsbook is built and goes live however if you are planning on visiting Vegas any time soon and do fancy placing all manner of different sports bets then you need to at the Stratosphere to your list of venues to visit!

Sportsbook Customers often Charged for Parking!

Another of the many benefits of choosing to bet at the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip or even in one of the Downtown located sportsbooks, is that you are never going to be forced to have to pay to park your vehicle.

That is something however that you are going to be forced to have to do if you choose to bet at one of the sportsbook located up in the heart or southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, and I am still at a loss to understand why those venues have become so greedy they need to charge for parking.

I am aware that come of the pearling lots have been used by locals who park their vehicles up and then fly off on vacation form the nearby McCarran airport, however having seen the size of their parking lots I cannot see how a few locals parking there is going to have any effect on their available parking spaces with so many of them on offer.

So, that is another thing you will need to be aware of if you do ever fancy visiting Vegas, you are going to be hit with parking fees and charges until you part at one of the any casinos and sportsbook that have chosen not to go down the pay to pay route, which sadly so many Vegas properties have no chosen to do, and I should point out some of those parking charges are outrageous too!

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