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January 7, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

This year’s collection of so called celebrities may not have been in the Big Brother house for very long, but that hasn’t stopped a legion of fans, punters and recreational bettors from reaching for their laptops and mobile phones to place a range of bets on whom they think will win the reality show.

In fact, there is a good chance you fancy placing a little bet on who you think will win the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother show too, and if so today I will let you know of the latest odds associated with each of the contestants.

One thing that you are sure to find of interest if you are new to placing novelty bets, is that you are not only restricted to placing bets on who you think will win the show and be crowned winner, but you can also lay bets off other punters!

To do so you simply need to sign up to a betting exchange and then pick out the contestants you think have no chance what so ever of winning, and take bets of other users of those betting exchanges. If the celebrities you pick out to lose do lose then you keep the stakes off those other exchange users, but if they win you have to payout the winnings to those other punters!

If you are looking for something new and unusual to bet on in the next few weeks then it will certainly be an exciting time if you do either back any of the celebrities to win or lay them to lose, for any of those currently in the house, despite their current odds could pull it out of the bag and win of course!

Celebrities Most Likely to Win Celebrity Big Brother 2018

There are some contestants in the Celebrity Big Brother House who do have something of a fair and reasonable chance of winning, due to their current popularity and the part of the entertainment world they are best associated with

Take for example both Maggie Oliver and Shane Lynch, they are both very well know already and have their own fan base so their odds do reflect their chances of winning, and for reference the odds you can get on both of them are 11/2.

Dapper Laughs is currently pencilled in at odds of 4 to 1 and as such is the current favourite to win, however I think those odds are going to begin to fluctuate soon, and not necessarily get shorter by the way!

Amanda Barrie is someone you may fancy winning and to be fair she does come across as lovely, and her odds are 10 to 1, you may fancy the chances of Andrew Brady who has just entered the house and if so his odds are currently around 14 to 1.

Jess Impiazzi is on offer at 15/2 and despite the costume malfunction Courtney Act is also available at some rather short odds to win of 8 to 1, and no matter what, that drag queen is certainly going to bring some drama to the Big Brother house for sure!

As is always the case you should certainly shop around for there is plenty of value to be had and you may find some slightly higher odds available that hose listed above, much more so when the show is into its second week!

Least Likely Contestants to Win Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Let me now move onto the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 contestants that are least likely to win, and those are currently the ones that many betting sites have given the much higher odds to of course!

John Barnes may be best known for his footballing past, however it would appear his fan base isn’t going to be big enough to get him into the final let alone win the show and his odds to reflect his chances and those odds are 16 to 1.

Rachel Johnson is on offer at odds of 16 to 1, Ann Widdecombe has odds of 20 to 1 on her winning and Malika Haqq can be had at 20 to 1.Those who are likely to be voted out of the house sooner rather than later include Jonny Mitchell at 28 to1, Wayne Sleep at 25 to 1 and India Willougby whose odds are currently high at 33 to 1.

The final two contestants who may be out of the Big Brother House before they know it are Ashley James whose odds of winning are 40 to 1 and also Ginuwine who appears to have no chance what so ever of winning with odds of 50 to 1.


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