The Merits of Using Betting Exchanges

January 19, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

It is true to say that in most developed countries of the world a huge percentage of the population of each country has very quickly warmed to and has embraced the online environment and the internet at large.

You will often see even the oldest of people wandering around using their smart phones or sat at home merrily tapping away on their tablet devices, connecting with family members, shopping online or simply browsing websites that help them expand their knowledge on all manner of topics!

That has of course meant a huge swing in regards to the people who are now doing things they used to do when out and about doing them at home, and betting online is a huge industry in its own right.

Once upon a time in the UK in the early afternoon until late in the afternoon you would find betting shops were packed full of people placing bets and wagers on greyhound and horse races however those days are now long gone.

In fact, the majority of people who now do wander into such places are doing so to play the FOBT’s which allow them to gamble their money on all manner of different casino styled games.

Placing bets and wagers online is an absolute breeze, however the savviest of punters, both young and old alike, have discovered the many benefits of placing their bets at a betting exchange as opposed to a tradition bookmakers site, for there are many benefits of doing so and today I will be looking at what those benefits are.

Back and Lay Any Bets

When you sign up to an online or mobile betting exchange you will then be placing bets and wagers not with a bookmaker directly, instead you place your bets with other users of that betting exchange and doing so in a peer to peer way.

The betting exchanges are not worried about who wins when using their betting exchanges like traditional bookmakers are, for a betting exchange will make its money by taking a small commission out of the winnings of anyone using their exchange, so the more winners they have the more they will earn!

However, you cannot only place bets on any type of sporting event or sporting fixture when using a betting exchange, for you are able to offer your own odds on any outcome in any sporting event and as such you can take wagers off other punters.

If those punters bets lose you keep their stakes minus the small commission paid to the operator of the betting chance, but if they win you pay them out their winnings based on their stakes and the odds you offered them and they pay a small commission on their winnings to the betting exchange.

As such, as it is punters who are placing bets and laying bets you tend to find the odds available are much more generous and higher in value than odds a betting sites, sportsbook or bookmaker’s site will be offering you, so value is always guaranteed!

Scalping and Hedging Bets

There are also a range of third party software packages that you can use when utilizing a betting exchange that are going to allow you to scalp bets or hedge bets placed before or during any live sporting events.

The over-round of most betting opportunities are so tiny that it is often the case that as soon each betting market is live the volatility of the betting markets can expose a situation where it is possible to bet on every single horse running in a horse race for example to guarantee a profit.

That may become much more regular an occurrence when you utilise the services of more than one betting exchange. Obviously speed is critical when you are using a betting exchange for you need to place your bets rapidly to secure the odds currently on offer, and that is where an automated system does come in handy with those third party software packages.

You can get a good feel for the way a betting exchange works and operates by simply visiting the website of any of the many ones available online and using either the demo mode version of the betting exchanges or simply sitting back and watching one!

I am however more than confident when you start comparing the odds on offer to you at a more tradition betting site with those odds that you can get on a betting exchange, you will be very eager to switch over to using a betting exchange!

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