There is No Substitute to a Day at the Races!

February 9, 2018 July 20, 2018 Barbara Cohen

With it being so easy to place a bet online or on your mobile devices these days, many people do of course sit at home and watch for example horse races on television, and simply place their bets as they are sat there in their favourite armchair or even sprawled out on the sofa.

However, if you are a fan of horse racing, then a John Mccririck is fond of saying “come racing”. There is no substitute to planning, travelling to and then arriving at a racecourse for a day’s racing, but it is sadly something that many fans of that sport never actually get around to doing so.

The cost of entry to most racecourses is not by any stretch of the imagination what you could call expensive, and there are of course plenty of ways that you are going to be able to place a bet when you get there.

The betting ring is of course the place to visit on any trip to a racecourse, and there is no substitute to you standing back and comparing the odds available and then getting your bet placed in person on the racecourse.

You will of course be able to avail yourself of all of the drinking and eating establishments at a racecourse too, and you are certainly going to be meeting a wide and very varied range of different people when you go to a racecourse too, so make sure you do try and visit such a venue regularly as you will enjoy the atmosphere for sure.

Planning a Trip to a Racecourse

If you do fancy paying a visit to a racecourse, then make sure you spend some time planning that visit. Take into account that many racecourses can be set in the countryside and you may have to plan the route you drive to any of them taking into account any roadwork and the like on your journey though.

However, also keep in mind that on raceways all racecourses are going to be offering transport links from any nearby rain stations or bus stations, so if you do not fancy driving there then take the train or a bus.

Whilst you will always be able to get something to eat and drink when visiting any racecourse keep in mind that sometimes a racecourse can be very busy, so it may pay dividends for you to actually book at table at any restaurants at a racecourse if you do fancy having a meal.

Also, make sure you get out and about and wander around the racecourse itself, and do make sure you visit the parade ring rather than just sitting in the bar or the bookmakers shop!

Do try and chat to other people too for you are going to see trainers, jockeys and plenty of punters at a racecourse and you can often pick up all manner of tips and snippets of information that may just help you decide which horses to have a bet on or not!

Picking Your Bets to Place at a Racecourse

If you have never been to a UK racecourse before, then you may be wondering just what types of bets you can place and also how you go about placing them too.

The betting ring is where you are going to find all of the on course bookmakers, and always shop around and compare the odds they are offering on any race and those odds can and will vary. Keep in mind that a handful of those bookmakers may be offering a unique type of betting market such as betting without the favourite.

You will also find that you can place bets directly onto the Tote Pools at all UK racecourses and you will find plenty of windows all over the racecourse here you can place such bets too, also in many of the dining establishments you will also find Tote Pool runners and you can place your bets with them on the spot without having to leave your table!

Most racecourses will also have a betting shop too and when paying such a venue a visit you are going to be able to place bets on other racecourses other than the one you are at.

If you do use a betting shop or bet on the Tote Pool then keep in mind you will be able to pick up your winnings at any other batting shop owned by that company when away from the racecourse!

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