Understanding the Early Cash-Out Bet Facility

January 26, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

You will probably at some point in your betting career have placed a bet on which you have two or more selections, and the first few you have chosen to win their respective sporting events have done so.

That is the point in time when most if not all sports bettors start to get very nervous, for they have the chance of possibly winning big if the remaining selections on their betting slip all win, but they do also have the chance of losing all of the winnings that they have so far accumulated on that bet if the last remaining ones lose!

As such, many betting sites have now chosen to offer their customers on selected horse races, soccer matches and a very wide array of different sporting events something known as an early cash out option.

What you are going to be faced with when you have placed any accumulator type of bet which does offer an early cash out option is either cashing out your winnings on the spot, even if you have some selections still about to run their horse races or play their matches, or waiting until the final outcome of each of them is known, and by doing the latter you could win or lose.

In effect, the early cash out option lets you close down and stop any accumulator type of bet if it is currently a winning one even if there are some selections still to run their races or play their respective soccer matches.

Downside of Early Cash- Out Bets

The downside of the early cash out option is that you will only be offered a percentage of what you will stand to win and the offered amount may actually be lower in value that the winnings you have so far achieved on such a bet.

As such you do need to think long and hard about whether you should cash out the winnings you have so far achieved, for always keep in mind that you could win even more if the remaining selections on your betting slip are winning ones.

Probably the best way to handle such bets is instead of taking the early cash out option is to place several different bets all of which contain small multiples of your chosen selections.

By doing so if you have say so far had three winners and have two selections left, then by placing a range of separate three selection accumulators or trebles as they are known, you will have a winning payout waiting for you and will still have you five selection accumulator in live play.

Just keep in mind that bookmakers are not offering you such bets from the goodness of their hearts, they are offering you them to limit their potential payouts, and also by offering you a slightly lower payout if you do take the early cash out option then they are not risking as much of their potential losses either!

Bet Types Available on Mobile Betting Apps

It has to be the advent of mobile betting apps that have ensured plenty of new sports fans are singing up to and then betting at most betting sites, and what you are going to find is that you are never going to find a shortage of bets and wagers types available to you when using such an app.

In fact, many of the major bookmakers and Sportsbooks have their own unique betting apps, and that ensures that everything they offer in their land based brick and mortar betting shops and venues and also on their online betting platforms, so you will never miss out on any unique betting markets you wish to make use of.

Bonuses, comps and special promotions are of course always going to be available to you on a mobile betting app just as they are when you make use of an online betting platform.

But one thing that is important to know if you have never bet online or via a betting app before, is the odds you are going to be offered by different companies will be different, so it will always pay for you to shop around t find the best odds available on whatever it is you wish to bet on.

Not all betting sites however will offer you an early cash out option and with that in mind be prepared to have to spend some time looking around for those that do, but there should be more of them available so you won’t have to spend too much time looking around!

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