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January 14, 2018 July 20, 2018 Amanda Rothman

The Super Bowl LII is of course going to be one the major betting events in the 2018 USA sporting calendar, and with some huge volumes of cash being wagered on that event, you may wish to get in on the action by placing a bet yourself.

If so then it may just pay dividends for you to get your bets and wagers placed well in advance of the final match being played, for with plenty of teams taking part in it, any of them could win and the sooner you place your bets the higher the odds you may just secure!

There are a plethora of unique bets that any sports fan can of course place on the Super Bowl LII, however it is often an outright winner bet that most sports fan will want to place before the final, and with that in mind I will be casting my eye over that betting market below.

There is a lot of difference in regards to the betting odds you are going to be able to score on different teams in that sporting event at different sports betting sites, so the only realistic way for you to secure the best odds possible is by shopping around.

So make sure that is something you are prepared to do, and also keep in mind many sport betting sites are going to be offering lots of different promotional offers as the Super Bowl LII gets closer and will make them available to gamblers wishing to place a bet on that major sporting event!

Super Bowl LII Early Betting Markets

There is of course a lot to consider when you do fancy placing a bet on who you think is going to win the Super Bowl LII, however many people go with their hearts instead of their heads when placing such a bet, and as such allow me to give you some idea of the odds you can currently secure.

It will not surprise you to learn that the New England Patriots are at this early stage the current red hot favourites to win the upper Bowl LII outright and if you do fancy placing a bet on them the odds you will generally find on offer are 15/8.

But if you fancy placing a bet on the New Orleans Saints their odds of winning currently available at most betting sites are 10/1, or if you are a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars then you may be tempted to make use of their current odds, those being 16/1.

Many people do believe that the Minnesota Vikings are in with a great chance of winning this year, and if you do too then it may be beneficial for you to get your bets on them doing so sooner rather than later as by doing so you can secure odds of 9/2 at many different betting sites.

Some other teams to consider include the Los Angeles Rams at 10/1, the Carolina Panthers at 25/1, or possibly you fancy the Pittsburgh Steelers to win, and if so their odds are as you would expect quite low at 11/2.

You can also, if you prefer bet on and take odds on the Kansas City Chiefs and those odds are currently 16/1 but if you do fancy an outsider then the Tennessee Titans may be worth placing a bet on at odds of 80/1!

Choosing Where to Legally Bet

If you are tempted to place any type of bet on the Super Bowl LII, then there is of course going to be value to be had when you compare the odds and money lines available at several different betting sites.

However, it is going to be completely pointless you finding a betting site that is offering some generous odds on the team you think are going to win, if when you do place such a bet and if it wins you are going to have to jump through all manner of hoops to get paid out your winnings.

With that in mind I would strongly urge you only to place a bet at a betting site that hold a valid gambling license in a well known and respected licensing jurisdiction, and also at a betting site that is going to have several different payment methods that are convenient and available to you, depending on just where you do live in the world.

Having said that though, there are some excellent betting sites out there, many of whom have been around for years and have solid track records in regards to offering generous odds and also paying out their winning customers quickly, so do your research and always bet wisely is my advice!

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