Using a Separate Bank Account for Betting Purposes

January 22, 2018 July 20, 2018 David Nugent

One way that many people tend to use as a payment option to allow them to make deposits into and withdrawals out of their betting site account is by using a bank account set up for just that purpose, and today I am going to be letting you know which one offers UK residents a bank account and also a range of additional extras.

One of the very best prepaid debit cards available for those living in the UK is the one available from U Account, for you will not only be issued with a MasterCard branded debit card but you are going to have a range of additional feature available to you.

Best described as the next generation of digital accounts, a U Account is also going to allow you to set up direct debits and receive payments into your account instantly too, plus their prepaid debit card is linked up to that digital account so you will always have access to your cash.

If you do decide to sign up for the prepaid debit card from U Account you have three different types of accounts you can set up. The first one has no monthly fees associated with it but you then simply pay a small charge for ATM withdrawals and other transactions.

The other two types of account do have a monthly fee associated with them however that fee will then allow you to use your prepaid debit card and other services and features with either reduced fees or no fees what so ever.

Accessing Your Cash

Currently there are two ways that you are going to be able to top up your U Account prepaid debit card, and that is by sending a payment into your account either by BACS or a speedy bank payment.

If you want to have your wages paid into your U Account then that is something you can do for they will supply you with a unique bank account number and sort code that allows any company, businesses or even your friends or family members to send money into your account via their respective bank account.

You will shortly be able to instantly top up your U Account by making a payment in cash at any Pay Point retail outlet, as they are in the final stages of setting up their deposit system with that company.

As such you will not be restricted to having to make BACS or Bank Speedy Payments into your U Account and can simply visit any store displaying a Pay Point sign and pay in cash over the counter and that cash will then be credited to your account.

Managing a Bank Account for Betting Purposes

In this final section I will be answering several different questions that you may have about getting and using a U Account prepaid debit card and digital account, so if you are thinking of getting one read on for any questions that you do have may just be answered below for you.

Do I get a contactless debit card from U Account? – The prepaid debit card supplied by U Account is a MasterCard branded and issued debit card and it does utilize the very latest contactless technology.

Can I manage my account via an app? The U Account has been designed to be as easy to use and manage as is possible, and as such you can download their Android or iOS app instantly and for free and will have access to a large range of built in features on their app.

Do I have to pass a credit check? – At no point in time will you have to pass any type of credit check if you wish to get a U Account prepaid debit card, and as such it is suitable for anybody irrespective of their own personal credit rating.

How long does it take to get a U Account prepaid card? – It will take just a few days for you to receive you U Account prepaid debit card, to apply for an account you simply have to fill in their online application form. Your application will be instantly processed and your card is then going to be sent out to your registered address.

Who can get a U Account prepaid debit card? – Anyone over the age of 18 with a UK address is able to apply for a U Account prepaid debit card and once you account has been verified your card will then be sent out to you, and will be embossed with your name.

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