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March 5, 2018 July 20, 2018 Claire Aleman
Eurovision 2018

Many people have a love hate relation with the Eurovision song contest, however one thing that experience has taught me is that the earlier you place a bet on it, the bigger the odds you usually get on your chosen county!

Whilst it may seem like an alien concept having a bet on Eurovision 201, it is something that you are going to be able to do, for most betting sites will have already opened their early betting markets on that event and there are some huge odds currently on offer.

Sadly though, it is not the actual song that will determine which county wins, it is the country the singer of band comes from and that countries standing with other countries that tends to give a song a much greater chance of winning!

Therefore, if you do have a sneaky suspicion that one country does stand a much greater chance of winning this year, for any reason what so ever, then it may just be worth having a bet on that country winning this years Eurovision song contest as the odds are there for the taking.

With that in mind, I will give you an insight into just what odds you are going to be able to secure if you are prepared to place your bets on Eurovision 2018 nice and early, but as always be prepared to shop around as the odds can vary at different betting sites.

Favourites to Win Eurovision 2018

It was back in 2001 that Estonia last won the Eurovision song contest, however many people do think that they are going to win this year’s event and the volume of early bets being placed on Estonia has resulted in them being the current favourite to win at odds of 5/1.

Bulgaria were the runners up in last year’s Eurovision, and as such that does mean, as is always the case, they are pencilled in on many bookmakers betting already as one of the lower odds favourites to win, and if you fancy their chances this year then it may be beneficial to take the current odds of 7/1 on them winning

The Czech Republic have never won Eurovision, but that does stop that country from being third favourite and maybe this year will see them winning and if so then the current odds of 7/1 do look rather generous.

Finland have some experience at winning the Eurovision, for is was back in 2006 they last won, and many bookmakers and betting sites think they do have a very good chance of winning and are now prepared therefore to offer odds much higher than 12/1

The closest Spain have come to winning recently was in 1995 when they second, but they have won this event many years before 1995, if you do fancy having a bet on Spain to win then take advantage of their current odds of 12/1!

Spread the Risk Betting on Eurovision 2018

One way that you can of course spread the risk if you do fancy betting on Eurovision 2018, is by you placing a few bets on a few different countries, and as such do also consider placing a few speculative bets on Sweden at 12/1, Australia at 14/1 and possibly Russia also on offer at odds of 14/1.

Netherlands nearly won back in 2014 however they were pipped to the post so to speak by Austria, but if you do think the Netherlands could come out on top this year their current odds of 20/1 do look rather tempting it has to be said.

Croatia is also in with a chance at odds of 20/1 and there are several countries all available at odds of 25/1 and they include Belgium, Italy, Belarus, France and Israel and I would not put you off placing a bet on any of them, as they all do have a fair and equal chance of winning.

Currently all other countries taking part in Eurovision are available at odds of at least 33/1 or high, and those that can be had at odds of 33/1 include Germany, Ireland, Greece, Austria and Azerbaijan.

Cyprus is on offer at 40/1 and Poland, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal and Armenia are available at odds of 50/1. If you fancy the chances of Ukraine, Latvia or Lithuania then their respective odds are all 66/1. The remainder of the countries taking part in Eurovision 2018 all have odds attached to them of winning of 100/1!

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