Are Safety Concerns to Blame for Gamblers Spending Less in Vegas

August 6, 2018 August 10, 2018 Craig Anthony

Casinos across Nevada and in Las Vegas particularly are reporting a very slow summer, and with income levels dropping one has to wonder if it safety concerns that are causing gamblers to shun Sin City or is there another deep rotted problem.

Whilst the horrendous events that unfolded regarding the shootings in Las Vegas in the not too distant past, many speculators and industry commentators were concerned that could drive visitors numbers down, however that did not turn out to be the case, and prior to the summer months Vegas casinos were reporting bumper incomes and high visitors numbers and occupancy rates too.

However, that has soon come to an end, and this summer has seen many casinos reporting a massive downturn in their incomes, and two major companies those being Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International, have reported some sign cant drops in their visitor numbers and customer spend too.

It is therefore not a case of visitors and gamblers alike being concerned in any way shape or form about their safety when visiting Las Vegas or Nevada as a whole, and I do think those casinos have to look much closer to home to find out what the real problems are.

Parking Fees and Charges

One thing, as a regular visitor to Las Vegas that really does annoy me, is the recent introduction of car parking fees art all of the major Vegas Strip casinos, if you do plan on travelling about in Vegas either in your own vehicle or a rental car, you are going to have to factor in those car parking fees.

Whilst I do understand that many casinos located near to McCarran Airport are experiencing people parking in their parking lots then jetting off on vacation, leaving their cards cost free in the past, they should put in place some system whereby true visitors to those venues are not going to have to fork out to pay to park.

Ridiculously High Resort Fees

I do also think that many Las Vegas casinos have themselves to blame for the summer of discontent that they are experiencing currently. Vegas has to innovate to stay competitive there is no question about that.

But have yet to find one casino that is located on the Strip that does not charge the ridiculous resort fees that can often double the price of a room or suite for a night once those report fees have been paid. The first casino that does away with them is going to be fully booked for the very near future I am more than confident of that!

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