Atlantic City Legalized Sports Betting Is a Success

August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018 Christopher Andrews

It may be something that you were blissfully unaware of, however sport betting in Atlantic City has only very recently legalized! Whilst Atlantic City is of course famed for its Boardwalk and the many casinos located on the seafront, one thing they haven’t been able to offer until last month was any form of sports betting activities.

However, it was legalized recently and in the very first month of trading, two racetracks and three land based casinos in Atlantic City report that a total of $40.6million was wagered in July, therefore proving that sports betting was something those venues needed to offer their customers, and is likely to prove a financial money spinner for those venues in the years ahead!

It was thanks to a Supreme Cort hearing that paved the way for sports betting, not only in Atlantic City for all 50 US States, however it is of course up to each individual State to determine whether sports betting is something they wish to offer their citizens.

Sport betting is big business in America however up until recently many sport bettors have been forced to place their bets and wagers at offshore betting sites of which there are plenty of them to pick and choose from, but offer no real protection to those gamblers.

Offshore Betting Sites Will Suffer

It there is one thing that is guaranteed to happen now that any US State wishing to legalize sport betting in their boundaries is that offshore betting sites and sportsbooks are going to suffer a downturn in business.

It has always been something of a battle for those betting sites to accept payments from their customers based in the USA but that is something they always managed to achieve, however many onetime offshore sport bettors are now much more likely to bet at a local licensed sportsbook.

Real Protection for Sport Bettors

The one main attraction for any sport bettor of gambling in a licensed land based sportsbook is that they are afforded all of the protections the gaming commissions and gaming authorities offer customers of their licensed venues.

When betting online at an offshore betting site customers of those sites rarely if ever had the peace of mind in knowing their deposits and bankrolls were safe at those sites, and would often run into a myriad of problems when trying to cash out their winnings form such a site too.

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