Betting Kiosks to Become the Norm in the UK

August 7, 2018 August 10, 2018 Jay Castillo

You only look at some countries of the world regarding the way that punter can bet and gamble on all types of sporting events to realise there are certainly a lot of opportunities for anyone with an interest in sports bettors to be able to do so.

Take for example the US it has just been announced that Golden Entertainment are to increase the number of betting terminals they operate, and  the likes of William Hill have been signing deals that will allow them to open dozens of new sportsbooks too.

However, over in the UK were sports betting has always been big business, things are taking a turn for the worse for many land based betting shops operators, for customer numbers are down, and those customers that do enter such venues are usually doing so to gamble on the fixes odds betting terminals.

But with the imminent lowering of the maximum permitted stake levels on those matches, that is going to see many betting shops no long becoming financially viable.

That is unless betting shop operators take the route of many companies in the IS and instead of operating betting shops that are no longer financially viable they look at striking deals to allow betting kiosks as opposed to FOBT’s in different venues instead.

How Betting Kiosks Work

There is nothing magical about betting kiosks for as mentioned they are available in many US States in fact even in countries such as Spain you will find them in many bars and other licensed premises too.

They are simply a type of machine on which gamblers can look up a range of different sporting events and see the odds of different outcomes occurring in each of them, and can then place bets by inserting banknotes or coins into the machine in exchange for their printed betting slip.

Betting Kiosks Also Offer Live Sports Coverage

One of the added advantages of having a betting kiosk in licensed premises such as a pub for example is that on the top of the machines themselves there can be positions a screen.

That screen can then be used to show footage of for example horse races, greyhound races or for that matter any type of sporting event, allowing punters to not only place a bet on those terminals, but also watch the sporting event too, and in some cases even get paid out their winnings too!

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