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April 26, 2018 April 25, 2018 Claire Aleman
New York Lottery Betting

I would strongly advise you to do some research as to just what different online and mobile betting sites and apps are going to be offering you, if you want to place a bet on the New York State Lottery, for by doing so you can often find some much better odds are available at various sites.

However, I have also noticed that some betting sites will offer you a special type of promotion on which if you place a bet covering four numbers to be drawn out on any New York Lottery, but only three of them get drawn out of the lottery machine you will get your losing stakes back as a free bet.

Such bonuses and promotional offers are not uncommon when it comes to betting on lotteries, and the odds that are on offer will vary depending on just which site you choose to place your bets and wager at. In fact, some betting sites and bookmakers also give you access to sign up welcome bonuses when you join their standalone lottery betting sites too.

Today I am going to be looking at the very best odds I have so found being offered to gamblers who do fancy placing a bet on the outcome of any up and coming New York Lottery, one additional thing to keep in mind is that due to world time zone differences, you will need to place your bets nice and early to ensure they are processed and placed on the next draw.

Best Odds on the New York Lottery

You can pick from one to five numbers to place on your New York Lottery bet, and you can also choose to include the bonus ball that your numbers will be matched against as well as just the main set or you can exclude the bonus ball if you so desire, and when you do so the pay-out odds increase quite significantly.

If you do not include the bonus ball the pay-out odds you will be paid out on a single number bet are 8 to 1, pick two numbers and the pay out odds are 100 to 1, those odds jump to 1300 to win when you select three number and become 25000 to 1 when you pick four numbers, and if you pick five numbers not including the bonus ball and they all get drawn out the pay-out odds are huge at 150,000 to 1!

The odds do of course drop fi you choose to include the bonus ball on your New York State Lottery bets, but you do have a much better of winning, and with that in mind here are the odds available on such bets.

Picking one single number the odds you will be offered are 7 to 1, they increase to odds of 70 to 1 when you pick two numbers and they are both drawn out, select three numbers and you are going to be paid out at odds of 700 to1, the pay-out for four numbers are 10,000 to win and get all five numbers drawn out when placing a five number bet and your pay-out will be 100,000 to 1!

Big Recent New York Lottery Winning Bettors

One major betting site likes to keep me up to date with all their big recent lottery betting winners, and as such they have just let me know that in March 2018 they have a big winner who won a whopping £25,000 betting on the New York Lottery.

That winner bagged that jackpot by picking four numbers out of those drawn out of the machine including the bonus ball, and all for a tiny £1 stake too, so they would have got paid out £25,001 including their winning stake!

Just keep in mind that when placing such a bet you do have to see all your chosen numbers being drawn out of the machine, as unlike a standard lottery ticket you but there are no additional payments for anything.

However, if you do want to cover every eventuality when placing for example a four-number bet on this lottery then also consider perming together those numbers to cover 3 x 3 number bets, 6 x 2 number bets and possibly 4 x 6 single number bets too.

By doing so even it just one, two or three of your four numbers are drawn out of the lottery machine you are still going to get paid out some winnings, get all four numbers right and in addition to the huge winning pay-out from the 4 number bet you will also get paid out on all of the other bets you have placed too!

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