Betting Sites Now Offer Bets On Worldwide Lotteries

January 18, 2018 January 18, 2018 David Nugent

If there is one thing that can put you off playing any countries national lottery it is the tiny odds you have of actually winning anything, and whilst there is the chance you could become an instant millionaire when playing any lottery, the chances of you doing so are negligible!

However, that is something that many betting sites are aware of and as such you are going to find plenty of such sites that will now offer you a range of bets you can place on lotteries held in countries all over the world, and as such if you want a much greater chance of winning something you should consider placing such a bet!

The way in which such bets have been designed is that unlike or a standard lottery you are not faced with picking out a set amount of numbers, instead you can pick as many numbers as you like in the hope they will be drawn out of the lottery machine, in fact you can pick as little as one single number if you so desire!

The odds you will be rewarded with are dependent of course on just which lottery you place a bet on and the number or numbers you pick, and also whether you include or do not include any bonus balls in your predictions too.

Plus, unlike playing a lottery you are not forced to place a lottery styled bet for a fixed amount of cash, so you can wager as much or as little as you like on such bets!

List of Lotteries You Can Place Bets On

You really are going to be spoilt for choice in regards to the many different worldwide lotteries that you can place a bet on, and as most countries of the world will have a couple of lottery draws each week you are always going to find one scheduled on any given day of the week too.

It was the Irish lottery that many betting sites first started to accept bets on, and you will also find most UK bookmakers shops and their associated online betting sites are going to allow you to place a bet on the 49s lottery, which is an exclusive daily lottery that is beamed live into UK betting shops, often held a couple of times each day!

The New York Lotto is another lottery you can now place bets on at various different betting sites and you will also find that you can place bets on the Polish, Spanish, Hong Kong, Canadian, Australian, Greek and German lotteries too!

As mentioned up above the odds you will be paid out at are going to vary depending on which lottery you bet on the numbers you select and whether you select the bonus ball to be included in your bet or not, but also be aware that the payout odds can also vary from betting site to betting site so always shop around for the highest valued odds!

Low Stakes Huge Winning Potential!

Ask yourself just how many times you have been lucky enough to have predicted a few numbers on any lottery and have received a winning payout, and also ask yourself how many times you have managed to predict just a couple of numbers on a lottery and haven’t won anything too!

The main attraction of placing a lottery style bet is that you can still receive some fairly substantial winning payouts if you pick just one or two numbers, as opposed to having to predict at least three of them to receive a winning payout.

You are of course free to place as many lottery bets on the same lottery as you like and will also be able to perm a lot of numbers together on one single bet too.

As the payouts can be so huge on such lottery styled bets and without you having to place high valued bets you could of course turn a small stake into a large winning payout with some luck in playing!

In fact, if you do fancy placing such bets online you are also going to find many betting sites will offer you a new customer sign up bonus when you do sign up to their betting sites and make an initial deposit, so you will get even more valued out of those deposits when you make use of such bonuses!

Have a good look around the web for the payout odds will vary at different betting sites and you owe it to yourself to pick the one that is offering you the highest possible returns and payouts!

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