FOBT Bonus Systems Encouraging Problem Gambling

August 2, 2018 August 2, 2018 Danielle Green

When you set about playing a FOBT in a land based bookmakers premises, you are now given the option as to whether you would like to set any gambling limits on that session you are about to have, and can set the machine to limit just how much you can lose on that gambling session.

However, many such high stakes gaming machines also have a built in system which is going to see players, who have wagered a certain amount or even in some cases completely at random being awarded with a printed out coupon that will give them a free matched wager and other gambling bonuses and perks when they return to the betting shop another day.

It is those types of bonus systems that many gambling problem charities and organisations are requesting are done away with completely, for by giving a gambler and player of those machines an incentive to return on another day and claim a free matched bet on those gaming machines, the betting shop operator could be encouraging problem gambling.

Whether that is in fact true or not does remain to be seen, and with the minimum stakes on those machines about to be reduced anyway, betting hop operators are going to have to try every type of promotional offer they can think of to keep players playing!

FOBT Players May Move Their Action Online

It is very easy to open an online casino account and then be able to set about playing any of the types of gambling games available on a FOBT but from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, that is something that a lot of one time FOBT players now do, for by moving their gambling action online they can play for any stake levels they want to play for, and will never be under the close scrutiny of the employees working in a betting shop!

All Bookmakers Now Operate Online Gambling Sites

One thing that has been permitted in recent years is that UK bookmakers and some gambling site operators in many other countries of the world too are allowed to legally operate online betting sites and also open up and make available to their customers online casino sites, poker sites and even online bingo sites.

As such the fact that the maximum stakes permitted on their fixed odds betting terminals are about to be reduced in value, and the income generated by such machines will therefore drop and drop quite significantly, that loss of  income should be offsets somewhat by the profits made from those online gambling sites.

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