Is There Any Value in Tote Pool Betting?

January 9, 2018 January 8, 2018 David Nugent

There was a time that if you ever wanted to place a bet on the Tote Pools you physically had to be at the racecourse to place such bets.

However, that has of course all changed these days, for you can place a bet on any Tote Pool simply by paying a visit to a betting shop or even placing such bets online or via a mobile phone.

But one question that you may have in regards to placing such bets is whether they do actually offer any value, as opposed to you placing a similar type of bet that isn’t part of the Tote Pools.

Well it all dispends on just which horse races you choose to place such bets on, and whether the selections you have chosen on your Tote Pool betting slip are favourites to win any race or the rank outsiders, for the payouts can and do vary.

The one thing to always keep in mind with any type of Tote Pool bet you place is that there are several different organisations getting a cut of the money placed into such pools, and as such the payout odds can be dramatically lower sometimes when compared to simply bets that are not fed into the Tote Polls, however not all times!

So you do have to develop a sixth sense in knowing when, if ever, it may be beneficial to place such a bet for occasionally there can be some enhanced payouts when you do so!

Most Popular Types of Tote Pool Bets

If you are tempted to place a Tote Pool bet then there are some quite popular ones, along of course with some rather exotic ones, and t will also be down to just how much risk you want to have in place when placing such a bet.

If you fancy for example just one horse running in any race then it will be a simple win bet you should place on that horse, however keep in mind you will not know how much you will win, if your horse does win a race until the race has been run and the Tote Pool win bet dividend is announced.

There is another quite popular Tote Pool bet you can place and that is known as an Exacta Bet, when placing such a bet however you do have to correctly predict which horse will finish first in a race and which horse will finish second too.

The payouts associated with a winning Exacta Bet are of course much higher than if you simply pick the horse you thin will win a race.

If you do feel you can predict the first three horses to win any horse race correctly then it will be a Trifecta Bet you need to place and when doing so you have to name the horses that will finish, first, second and third in the correct order.

Many people like those types of bets for they do offer some huge potential winning payouts for a relatively low stake amount!

How to Place Tote Pool Bets

To have the opportunity of placing any type of Tote Pool be you do fancy placing you must first find a betting shop or online or mobile betting sites that allows you to place them.

Keep in mind that the payout dividends that are declared on each type of bet in the Tote Pools are always declared to a £1 stake. However, you can place a bet for less than that or even more than that, and you will be paid out pro rata.

You simply need to fill in a Tote Pool betting slip and indicate the race you wish to have your bet placed on, the type of bet you wish to place, your selection or selections in that race and of course your stake amount too.

It is advisable that you do place such bets nice and early, for if you are placing them for example in person at a betting shop or on the racecourse there may be a queue of people in front of you, and if the race does start no more Tote Pool bets will be accepted on that race.

As soon as the result is known and the dividends are declared, if you do have a winning ticket you can collect your winnings at any betting shop that accepts Tote Pool bets, or your winnings will be placed into your betting site account if you placed them online or via a mobile betting app!

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