Many Bookmakers Will Limit the Stakes of Winning Punters

December 31, 2017 December 31, 2017 David Nugent

It can be an exciting time when you set about placing any type of sports related bet online or via a mobile device, for there are so many unique bets you can place, so many unique offers you can claim and more than enough bookmakers sites that you can bet at!

However, it is worth noting that each bookmakers site or app you use or even if you wander into their land based betting sites, have the right to accept bets and wagers off whoever they wish to take bets off, and there is no legal requirement for them to accept just anyone as a customer who is old enough to gamble in their premises and at their sites or on their betting apps.

If you are the type of punter who does gamble professionally and has more winning bets than losing ones, then one thing you are going to very quickly get used to is having your stake amounts strictly limited at most bookmakers.

If you win regularly when you have an account at any betting site then there is going to be a very good chance that you will have your betting stake amounts limited very quickly, in fact some bookmakers will simply refuse to accept bets off you and will close the accounts of punters that tend to win more than they lose!

As such you will need to devise some ways that you can still enjoy the convenience of betting online or on an app without running the risk of having your accounts closed down!

Spreading Your Bets Around

One way that you may be able to negate the possibility of having your betting site accounts closed down is by opening up accounts at many different betting sites, and then spreading your bets around.

So if you for example want to bet 100.00 on any single sporting event then consider placing bets of 20.00 at five different bookmakers or betting sites, as they tend to not notice when punters are making much smaller bets.

Another thing to make sure you avoid doing if you are hedging bets in particular is never place bets of an exact but not rounded off amount. For example if you are hedging a bet at one bookmakers’ and the cost of that bet is 38.94 then round it up to 40.00 as that way you will often fly under the radar of betting site market makers and those in charge of monitoring bets.

You may find it easier if you only ever place your bets and wager in land based bookmakers shop or sportsbook to reduce the value of your bets and then place them at several different venues, for usually each of those venues will have a limit in place in which the staff can take bets without having to get them approved.

You will always find it much easier to get your bets accepted when you are placing much smaller valued ones and do spread them around than you ever will trying to get a very large valued bet placed at just one betting site or betting venue!

Consider Using Betting Exchanges

There is another type of betting site that you may not yet have come across before, and that is something known as a betting exchange.

When you sign up to any of those that are available, and for reference there are quite a few of them available online, you will not be placing bets and wagers against a bookmaker you will be placing bets and wagers against other punters.

You do not only have the option of placing bets but you can lay or take bets off other punters too. The main advantage of a betting exchange is that you will rarely if ever find yourself being limited in regards to the value of your bets as you are not betting against the house!

The betting exchange operator simply takes a cut of the profits made from the winner punter, whether it is one placing a bet or laying a bet, and as such they are not too bothered if you keep on winning, as they are always going to be getting a small percentage of your winnings as their commission for operating the betting exchange.

You will also be able to ask for and offer your own odds on a betting exchange too, so you will always find there is a lot more value to be had when you use one of them.

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