More Betting Sites Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Christopher Andrews

There are never going to be any shortages of payment options you can use to fund a betting site account, and it is always going to be your decision to make as to just which form of payment method you much prefer using.

But one thing that will always be at the forefront of the mind of value hunting sports bettors are the costs associated with using some payment methods and any risk factors that they could be exposing themselves too when both funding a betting site account or making a withdrawal from such an account too.

Cryptocurrencies are a good way for punters to be able to seamlessly but much more importantly find their betting site accounts instantly, but by getting yourself a digital currency wallet which is the way you do move your cryptocurrencies around, you are also going to be able to have your winnings sent back to that wallet when you cash out.

There are of course costs involved in buying cryptocurrencies and then turning them back into any other fiat currency, but those costs, fees and charges are quite minimal if you do pick the cryptocurrency you use wisely!

Instant Winning Pay-outs

One of the downsides for example of using a debit card as your preferred betting it payment option, is that when you win and request your winning are sent back into the bank account linked up to that debit card, there can be some long delays in your receiving those winnings.

However as all payment processed when using a cryptocurrency are as good as instant, if you do find a betting site that processes their customers pay-outs on the spot, then you will receive your winning payments in a matter of seconds back to your digital wallet account!

Hassle Free Betting Site Payments

There are of course some betting site payment options that can be very expensive to use and can take an absolute age for your deposits to hit your betting site accounts and those that spring to mind are Western Union deposits and Money Gram deposits too.

If the only payment options available to you have tended to be one of those two money transfer services, then it really is about time you switched over to using a cryptocurrency as your preferred betting site payment option, as by doing so you are going to save a fortune of processing fees and charges and will have more money left in your bankroll as a result!

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