New Stake Levels Coming on Bookmakers FOBT’s

March 20, 2018 March 20, 2018 David Nugent
New FOBT Stake Limits

The UK Gambling Commissions long awaited report and suggestions regarding the new stake levels on fixed odds betting terminals has just been announced, and they have suggested to the UK Government a new maximum stake per single game played being £30.

Considering the maximum stake on games such as Roulette on those FOBT’s as they are often referred to is currently £100 per game, that is a fair old reduction in the maximum stake limit.

However, most players who do play those machines are not going to be too inconvenienced by that suggested reduction, for most players do not tend to play for high stakes.

Whether or not that is going to influence the income generated for bookmakers and betting companies on those machines so of course open to debate, for if someone does want to play them they are always going to do so no matter what stake limit is imposed on them.

It is now up to the UK Government whether to take the recommendations of the UK Gaming Commission on board or not, as they may choose to either act on that advice or may choose to put into place another maximum stake level.

I doubt they will though, but I am confident they will be waiting to see people’s responses to that suggested £30 per game stake level, and if it is widely accepted they will probably run with it or could drop it down to a lower amount of course.

Why are Bookie FOBT’s So Addictive?

I think it is fair to say that if you do have a problem with gambling, then you are going to find FOBT’s very addictive to play, for they are certainly readily available, and with betting shops being open very early in the morning until very late at night, of you do want to gamble then there is bound to be a betting shop nearby where you live.

In fact, there are often going to be a very large number of betting shops near where you do live, however all betting shop operators have gone to great lengths to ensure people who do experience problems playing those machines have access to a whole host of services that can help them stop playing them.

Players now have the ability of setting their own limits when playing FOBT’s regarding how much they are prepared to gamble and spend, and there is plenty of signage and leaflets alerting players of help and advice that is on offer to them if they want to stop gambling or even self-exclude themselves from betting shops.

At the end of the day if a gambler does have a problem with their gambling activities, they need to try to get help and support, and if they are not prepared to do so then there is nothing that anyone else can do to help them and lowering the stakes to £30 or even £2 will not stop them gambling on FOBT’s.

Will Online Gambling Be Look at Next?

One thing that is concerning a lot of people who have been demanding the reduction of stakes on FOBT’s is that there is also a need for the UK Gambling Commission and the UK Government to look at the way that online gambling in overseen and operates.

For it is very true to say that if someone does have a problem gambling and are attracted to playing casino styled games then it is far easier for them to sign up and then log onto an online casino site and by doing so they are then going to be able to gamble some much larger amounts that when playing a fixed odds betting terminal.

Whilst the UK Gambling Commission have demanded that all UK licensed and regulated online casino sites have systems in place whereby players at online casino sites can set their own limits regarding the amounts they can deposit over any given time period and also set their own loss limits, there is no requirement to have in place a maximum stake limits on any games available in those licensed and regulated online casinos.

Whether or not the UK Gambling Commission is going to look into that section of the gaming industry remains to be seen, however there is a good chance that they may attempt to do so and then suggest a range of different staking options that should be available on the games offered at such sites.

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