No Limits on the Number of Places Each-Way Bets Can Pay To

August 29, 2018 August 29, 2018 Christopher Andrews

As competition between betting sites has never been as strong as it is today, that does of course mean that there is plenty of value waiting to be mopped up, by savvy and education sports bettors.

There is one type of bet that has always appealed to such punters, and they are known as each-way bets. There are lots of different sporting events on which you can place an each-way bet and they are two part bets on which one half of you stake money goes on your selection to win the event you are backing it in, and the other half of the bets covers your selection to fill any of the top positions of that event too.

Take for example a horse race it is not uncommon for a betting site to pay out to three or four positions of a horse race, and the place part of your bet will then get paid out depending on the betting site rules at one fourth of one fifth of the win odds if your horse gets placed.

However, as there are no restrictions what so ever as to the number of positions a betting site is legally allowed to pay out to or the percentage of the odds they can offer on those places, there can be lots of differences regarding the each-way betting terms at different betting sites.

Bet Each-Way on Many Different Sporting Events

It is often horse racing that punters will think of when placing each-way bets and as long as there is enough horses running in such races you will always be able to place such a bet.

However, there are many other types of sporting events on which punters can now place each-way bets on such as golf tournaments, darts tournaments and even what teams they think will finish top of a football or even a rugby league at the end of the season.

Always Shop Around

If you are ever tempted to place an each-way bet, then take my words of advice and shop around, for not only are you likely to find different online and mobile betting sites offering different odds, but you can and often will find some betting sites paying out to more places and will also offer a much better percentage of the win odds on such bets on the place part of such bets too!

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