Online Sports Bettors Lowering the Risks of Identity Theft

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Christopher Andrews

As soon as you start to use a debit card or credit card as your preferred form of payment method online, there is sadly always going to be a risk that your card details could become compromised, and when sending identity documents to verify your accounts at betting sites, there is always the chance of identity crime if those documents make it into hands into criminals.

That is something that today’s savvy online sports bettors are all too aware of, as too are the betting companies that offer both online betting platforms and mobile betting apps too.

Many of them have gone to great lengths to ensure that their banking interfaces are a highly secure as they can be, and many betting companies have started to electronically verify their new customers to negate those customers having to send into them copies of their identification documents.

However, there are several steps that online and mobile sports bettors can use to ensure that they are never at risk of identity crime, or at least lower the chances of any of their own personal details or banking details ever getting compromised and I shall now take a look at what those steps are.

Prepaid Card and Vouchers

You are going to be able to ensure that your personal banking details are never going to become comprised if you choose to pick and choose the type of payment option you use to fund your betting account carefully.

Two options that are popular with sports bettors are prepaid cards and prepaid vouchers, for you can buy those cards and vouchers and the only risks attached to your funds are the amounts you have loaded onto them, you will of course have to have another form of payment option available to you to get paid out your winnings, as such cards and vouchers are a one way deposit option only.

Betting Using Cryptocurrencies

There are of course a growing number of betting sites and betting apps that are going to allow you to both make deposits into your account and also get paid out your winnings using cryptocurrencies.

As long as you ensure you keep the log in details of your digital wallets safe and secure there is very little chance that you are ever going to have your cryptocurrency holdings compromised, as the blockchain is proven to be highly secure at all times.

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