Betting Exchanges – How Punters Get More Value at Betting Exchanges

December 19, 2017 December 21, 2017 Craig Anthony

If there is one thing that can and does leave something of a sour taste in a punters mouth it is when they have placed one or more bets and then discover that the odds they were offered and they took on those bets and wagers were not as high as they could have been.

It is a well known fact that all sportsbooks, betting sites and bookmakers are out to make as much profit from their customers as they can do and they will all tend to offer different odds on different betting and wagering opportunities.

As such when you do fancy placing any type of bets or wagers you need to ensure that you shop around and go hunting for the best possible odds, which can be time consuming at the best of times however that is what you must do if you want to be guaranteed of never being short changes in regards to the odds on any sporting event or sporting fixture you intend to bet on!

Many sports bettors will make use of an odds comparison website, when visiting such a website you simply look up the sporting event and be type that you wish to place on that sporting event and then the website will present to you the odds currently available at lots of different betting sites, allowing you to see which sports book is offering you the best odds available.

However there is a new type of sports betting site that is always going to allow you to get the very best odds available on absolutely anything you wish to place a bet or wager on and these are known as Betting Exchanges.

The main difference between a standard betting site and a betting exchange is that you are not betting against a sportsbook operator you are in fact placing your bets and wagers amongst other sports betters.

You are going to also be able to place your bets in the usual way, but you can ask for any odds you want, and as long as another sports bettor is prepared to give you those odds then you will get them.

You can also choose to accept and lay bets to other sport bettors at a betting exchange, and when you do so you have to have enough money in your betting exchange account to pay out any potential winnings to the sports better you have accepted a bet off, and if the bet is a losing one you can keep that other sports bettors stake, however if his or her bet is a winning one then you have to pay them out their winnings.

Betting exchanges really are fun places to bet at as you are always guaranteed to be able to ask for any odds you like or offer any odds you like to another sports bettor too.

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