Punters Warming to Cryptocurrencies for Gambling Site Accounts

March 7, 2018 March 7, 2018 Barbara Cohen
Betting Site Cryptocurrencies

If there is one thing that all gamblers will be demanding when they sign up and wager at any online or mobile betting site or bookmaker site it is fast winning pay-outs.

However, it is all down to just which betting sites or just which betting apps those punters choose to make use of regarding whether that is something they are going to be offered or not.

It can drive winning punters mad when they do try to cash out at some betting sites, for whilst such sites will always accept customer deposits rapidly and never with any problems, it is only when a punter tries to cash out their winnings that they can and will then experience transaction delays!

Many punters have found that by using one of the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, they can not only fund their gambling sites accounts quickly, but they can also receive winning pay-outs just as fast too.

The one thing they will need to ensure is that the gambling site they choose to place their bets and wagers at is one that does offer instant pay-outs back to their digital wallets, and if they do so then they are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing their winning pay-outs are going to be paid back out to them in real time and with no delays either.

Taking a Punt on Cryptocurrencies

If you do like a gamble then it may be worth trying to put any cryptocurrencies you have to work for you, for if there is one thing that each individual currency could do it is rise in value.

Take for example Bitcoin, if you had invested in Bitcoin when it first launched and held onto your Bitcoin holdings you would be laughing all the way to the bank for sure!

Buying into some of the new start up digital currencies may be worth doing, but always keep in mind there must be a sound business concept behind any new cryptocurrency coin or token that is going live.

The main benefit of you doing so when choosing one of the best initial coin offerings or token generation events to invest in early, is that you could see some huge returns on those coins and tokens you buy.

As long as you fully understand the risks and select a coin to token to invest in and one that does appeal to you then you will not go far wrong, as usually more often than not the initial cost of those coins and tokens are very low, so you will not have to invest a huge proportion of your cryptocurrency holdings in them.

It is certainly something worth considering doing, especially if you do have large amounts of Bitcoin or Ethereum sitting around in your digital wallet if you have been on something of a winning streak recently!

Cryptocurrency Gambling Site Account Bonuses

One aspect of you using a digital currency as both a deposit option and a rapid winning pay-out method from several betting sites, is that the operators of those sites do like their customers to pay using cryptocurrencies, as there is very little risk associated with them.

That means that there can be a few added advantages and benefits of using such a payment method, one of which the bonuses offered to betting sites customers do tend to be much freer flowing when they made deposit using a cryptocurrency.

As always though it is going to be up to you whether you do make use of any kind of betting sites promotional offer as they always tend to come with terms and conditions attached to them, but with some lucking around there are plenty of them on offer especially for cryptocurrency users.

You do of course need to know just which betting sites are going to accept different cryptocurrencies, but it is safe to say that if you stick to using some of the major and much better known one you should be fine.

There are some betting sites that will also allow you to deposit using a cryptocurrency and will allow you to withdraw winnings using a different form of payment method, and that is worth knowing if you do want to top up your bank account or another type of web or digital wallet when you have has winning session, so do consider using a cryptocurrency as a form of betting site payment method.

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