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December 19, 2017 December 21, 2017 Amanda Rothman

If you fancy placing any number or type of bets and wagers online, then you will of course be required to find a gambling site at which to place those bets and wagers at, and when you start looking around online you are going to find plenty of such sites available to you.

However, if you are a savvy sports bettor then you will probably already be aware that each betting site and even each land based sportsbook and bookmakers shop can and do often offer their own unique set of odds, and as such you may need to shop around to get the very best odds on whatever it is you wish to bet on!

You are also going to need to ensure that the gambling site you sign up to and gamble at is fully licensed and regulated as that way you will have some peace in mind in knowing the gaming site operator adheres to an industry wide set of ethics and has been fully vetted and has found to be financially stable to operate such a site.

There are however quite a lot of different gambling commissions and licensing authorities around the globe, and some of them are not as stringent and as robust as some of the other ones.

If you do want to gamble online then some of the very best gambling commissions to look out for are the Malta Gaming Commission, the Gibraltar Gaming Commission and also the UK Gambling Commission, as all three of those gambling commissions very robustly and stringently police and regulate all of their licensed holders.

You should try and avoid signing up to and betting at any betting or gambling sites that are licensed in places such as Belize or Curacaos for those two countries are not best known for their strict gambling laws!

In fact, anyone is able to get a gambling license in those two latter named places as long as they have the required cash to purchase them, and to be honest they are not really gambling licenses they are simply business licenses.

Keep in mind also, and this is important, some countries of the world will only allow their residents and citizens to gamble online at gaming sites that have been granted a gambling license in those respective countries.

As such you really do need to pay attention to just which gambling sites you do decide to sign up to and gamble at, and the general rule of thumb for you to have hassle free gambling session s to try ad always sign up to a gambling site that does hold a full and valid gambling license in the country you reside in.

If your country of residence does not issue gambling license then I would steer you towards gambling at sites licensed in Malta, Gibraltar or the UK.

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