Betting Account Limit Settings Legally Required

December 29, 2017 December 30, 2017 David Nugent

Responsible gambling is something that everyone likes to promote, from betting sites to gaming commissions, and as such one of the major changes that have been imposed on many betting sites by their licensing authorities is the need for them to offer their customers adjustable and fully configurable account limit settings.

As such if you do gamble regularly at a betting site, or maybe about to do so for the very first time, expect to be offered those account limit settings each and every single time that you log into your betting site account.

Also be prepared to actually use them, as by doing so you are then always going to be able to set your deposit limits for any given time period and you are also going to be able to select a loss limit for any a time period too.

Whilst you may think that you have the self control to limit you gambling losses without the need to make use of some option settings, the urge to gamble can of course overtake anybody at any time and as such do seriously consider utilizing those account limit settings just in case!

They are adjustable and as such you are always going to be in the driving seat in regards to the limits you will impose on your account and yourself, but as mentioned above, expect to find them being offered to you whenever you do log into any betting site account.

What is a Sensible Betting Limit?

You may be wondering what exactly the best betting limit settings are going to be that you can put in use on your gambling site accounts, However, that is a question only you can answer based on what you can comfortably afford to gamble with.

It will be the type and range of bets you wish to place and when the sporting events go live that you will also need to factor into any settings you do put into place, for you will not want to limit your gambling sessions to say half an hour per day if you intend to place bets at different times of the day and/or night.

Keep in mind that if you do choose to put into place on any betting site accounts you have a deposit limit over any period of time, you are going to still be able to make as many withdrawals as you like, so your options in regards to when, by what method and how much you can withdraw will never be affected!

If you do however feel that at any time you are losing control of your gambling activates and feel that the best course of action is for you to stop gambling all together, then you will be able to self exclude yourself from any gambling site.

When you self exclude you are going to be banning yourself from that gambling site and will never be able to gamble at that site again.

Selecting a Betting Site

It is important that if you are currently thinking about gambling online for the very first time that you select the site at which you will do so very carefully, for there are both excellent betting and gambling sites out there, but there are some that leave a lot to be desired!

As such to ensure that the gambling or betting sites you do sign up to are going to be run to the very highest of standards and are financially sound too make sure you only ever consider signing up to sites that hold and full and valid gambling license.

Licensed and regulated gambling sites in general are always run to the very highest of standards and will also have been vetted to ensure they are financially sound, and will often segregate their players account balances so no matter what happens their customers finds are always safe and secure an can be accessed by their customers at any time.

Another thing to make sure that you check out before you wasting any time registering as a new customer at any betting sites, is that the range of betting opportunities you are looking for are actually on offer at that site.

Not all gambling sites do offer every possible range and type of gambling opportunity, and as such spend as much time as you require looking at what each site does have to offer you, as that way you will not be disappointed when you do sign up as one of their customers and use their sites for the very first time!

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