Betting Site Advertising Under the Spotlight Again

August 10, 2018 August 10, 2018 Barbara Cohen

If there is bound to be one thing that always gets discussed and can get some people hot under the collar as soon as the football season starts, it is the fact that may football clubs heavily promote betting sites, either in their stadium or in many cases on their footballer’s shirts.

What people tend to get annoyed about is that those advertisements are of course seen by children; in fact if any children have been given a football kit of their favourite football club then they are going to be running around with the logo and name of a betting site, if their favourite teams is sponsored by one such company.

In fact, whenever there is a football match being showed on TV you can guarantee that advertisements showed during the commercial breaks will be mainly betting site adverts, and those adverts are once again going to be seen by young people who are not old enough to gamble.

I think that as long as those advertisements have a warning on the dangers of addiction which all of them do, and there is a clear indication on them that you do have to be over the legal age to gamble they should be shown, for many clubs lifeblood of income is from such advertisements

Stringent Betting Site Verification Techniques

At the end of the day as long as any betting sites do have in place a very robust system that enables them to spot underage people singing up to their betting site there should be no problems.

For that way if a child does try to sign up to a betting site then they will be instantly detected and will not have any access to a betting account, and that is what more betting sites do have in place of course.

Education on the Dangers of Gambling

As long as young people are aware that gambling is always going to be a risky business then that is one way of deterring them from gambling or at least attempting to gamble when they are not old enough.

But many people do think that there is something of a nanny state mentality especially as far as regulators go, for they do seem prepared to take some very strict steps to ensure gambling site adverts are restricted, which as I have already mentioned, the income from such adverts is the lifeblood for many companies, so a balance needs to be found.

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