Gambling Commissions – How to Get a Sportsbook Complaint Addressed

December 19, 2017 December 21, 2017 Claire Aleman

You may have been under the impression that if you experience a problem when betting at an online or mobile betting site and one that holds a full and valid gambling license, that you could always rely on the gambling commission that issued that site with its license to operate to step in and help you out.

However, that is not the case with some of the leading gambling commissions and licensing authorities! Instead of your approaching them directly to get any problems or complaints addressed they will often refer you to one of their approved third party betting dispute companies and organisations.

Each of those third party companies and organisations will however have been vetted to some degree in regards to them being equipped to solve punter disputes in a fair and unbiased way however that does pose many questions for anyone considering placing bets and wagers online.

One question is why those gambling commissions do not make any real or concerted effort to ensure that their licensed betting sites are offering their customers a fair and unsurpassed gambling experience when they are not prepared to listen to customer disputes.

Well, each gambling commission are going to have their own approval process, and each and every single type of gambling site will be vetted to ensure that they are financially sound and have the experience needed to operate such a site.

As those betting and gambling sites do pay a licensing fee to the gambling commissions and gaming authorities then it could be seen that they are in the pocket of those sites, and could possibly not act fairly in regards to customer disputes and could be biased in some way.

That is one of the main reasons why they will farm out player disputes to one of their approved third party companies and organisations.

However, do keep in mind that as all licensed and regulated betting sites do have to adhere to all legal requirements imposed on them by their license issuer, if they do fall foul of any of those laws and regulations then they do risk a heavy fine or could even have their gambling license revoked and withdrawn.

You will however find that you are very rarely if ever going to experience any problems when you do choose to gamble at a fully licensed and regulated betting site, bookmaker or sportsbook and the first port of call you should seek the assistance of is the customer support team at that site and if they are unable to help you address your problem then contact the betting site manager.

The number of player complaints in regards to licensed betting sites is actually very small, however the most complaints about such sites are about ones that are based offshore and often those are the ones that do not hold gambling license at all.

With that in mind do ensure that you carefully select at just which betting site you do sign up to and bet at, and stick to the ones that are licensed in the country you reside in if at all possible!

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