Greyhound Racing Still Has an Element of Corruption

August 2, 2018 August 10, 2018 Claire Aleman

Whilst most sports are as popular as they have ever been, there are of course some, and greyhound racing does come to mind, that are nowhere as near as popular as they once were, in fact over the last decade or so many UK greyhound tracks have been forced to close.

In fact, in the capital city of the UK there are no longer any greyhound tracks, as the last one closed down very recently, and as such it is a sport that is in terminal decline it would appear.

However, saying that there are of course plenty of reasons why greyhound racing has be declining in popularity over the last decade or so, and one of the main reasons is that there has been and probably always will be an element of corruption surrounding it.

Due to the prize money on offer at greyhound tracks dwindling and the ever increasing costs of keeping and training greyhounds rising, a small element of people involved in that sport have turned to race rigging in one form or another to help them make ends meet, but that has always been the case with greyhound racing.

Whilst most people involved in it are not in any way corrupt there is a small element that are and they do spoil it for everyone, often in fact going undetected.

Worries about Greyhound Welfare

Animal rights campaigners have always had worries about the welfare of greyhounds, not only those that have been retired from the sport but also those taking part in it.

As more and more people are now really concerned about the welfare of animals, many people refuse to ever visit a greyhound track, for they rightly or wrongly consider it to be cruel to the greyhounds.

Prize Money on the Decrease

Making ends meet is very difficult for most greyhound owners and trainers, and whilst those rich enough to not be too concerned about the keep and the training and also the transportation of their greyhounds, for some people those costs have been spiralling out of control.

That is another reason why many people who once did keep or own greyhounds are sadly turning their back on the sport, and if it continues the way it has been doing there are going to be many other cities across the UK that no longer have any greyhound tracks, which is sad to see.

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