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December 19, 2017 December 21, 2017 Claire Aleman

To ensure no gambling site operators are enabling people to launder money through their sites, and to also ensure that those people signing up to and then gambling at such sites are old enough to gamble and are who they say they are, each gambling site is subject to the Know Your Customer laws and regulations that all banking institutions are.

That is a worldwide accepted set of requirements that both a gambling site operator and a customer of those sites are required to comply with, and in today’s news story I will be taking a look at how that system works and what you may be asked to provide to a gambling site if you wish to gamble there.

The very first thing that a gambling site operator needs to know is that each of their players are legally old enough to gamble, and as such they will ask any new customers that have never played or gambled at their respective site before to furnish them with a copy of a government issued identity document.

In most cases if you have a driving license and/or a valid passport then either of those two documents can be used to prove you are old enough to gamble at the site you have signed up to.

Gamblers are also required to prove that they do live where they say they live, and as such another document that you will be requested to send into a gambling site to get your account verified is a recent utility bill that must clearly show your game and address and must also be dated within the last three money.

Also, if a customer of any type of gambling site uses for example a credit card or a debit card then they may also be asked to sign a form giving their agreement for the gambling site operator to use that card for deposits and the customer of those sites must sign to say that the deposits made using that card has been made and approved by them.

In some extreme cases gaming site operators ask for a customer to take a picture of themselves holding their debit or credit card close to their face, to prove that card is in their possession.

With all of the above in mind if you do intend to gamble online just make sure that before you do so you have all of the required identity documents in place that you can send into those gambling sites you sign up to and play at.

If you are unable to produce any of the required documents that you have been asked to send into a gambling site for Know your Customer requirements then you may find your account is suspended or even closed down.

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