Underage Age Gambling – How Betting Sites Verify Customer Ages

December 19, 2017 December 21, 2017 Claire Aleman

There have been quite a number of cases recently in which children and those not the legal age to gamble have run up huge credit card bills for their parents by using their parents credit cards to gamble illegally online.

Underage gambling is something that land based gaming venues have had to figure out ways of strictly policing for decades, and it is now something that all online gambling site are having to put into place systems to detect such gamblers.

If you are under the legal age to gamble, which in places such as the UK is under the age of 18, and in places such as the USA then you do need to be aware that if you are found out, and in the vast majority of cases you will be, you are never going to get paid out any winnings you achieve.

All gaming authorities and commissions have some very strict rules in place which state that anyone who appears to be under the minimum legal age to gamble must prove they are old enough to gamble, or be ejected or banned from gambling at any licensed gaming venue or site until they can prove their age.

Online betting and gambling sites usually have a system in place whereby as soon as a player signs up to their site, they automatically have their identity and age verified, using things such as credit score companies and even local government records.

However, if a gambling site has not been able to verify one of their customers identity using an automated system then the gambling site operator is required by law to ask them for copies of their identity documents, which they usually send in via email.

Those documents will include things such as a driving license and/or a copy of their passport and they will also be required to send in a recent utility bill, dated in the last three months which shows their names and their address upon it.

As soon as that is received then a player will be able to continue playing at those sites as the site operator will have complied with the Know Your Customer laws.

There are a few additional security protocols that you may have to comply with depending on which method you use to make your deposits into any gambling site.

If for example you use a credit card then you may be asked to prove that card is in your possession by sending in a copy of the front or back of it, blanking out of course most of the numbers on the front of the card and the three digit security code on the back, so be prepared to have to do that when you do gamble online.

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