New FOBT Games to Comply with New Legislation

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 Danielle Green

As it has been decided that the maximum stake limit that punters playing Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, or FOBT’s as they are known in betting shops in the UK are to be lowered from 100.00 to just 2.00, game designers are currently scrambling to put those changes into place.

However, betting shops and the companies that supply them with their FOBT’s do have quite some time to put those stake reductions into place, and it is going to be around the year 2020 that those lower stake levels have to be in place by.

As you would expect whoever, the new maximum stake limit is going to have a very negative effect on the turnover of those machines and ultimately the profit levels they will make, for lowering those stake levels will see players not being able to lose the huge sums of cash they could currently do so.

Many bookmakers are now in a position that they are going to have to close down many of their betting shops as they will not be financially viable once the stake levels are lowered on their FOBT’s when those stake changes have to be lowered.

Why Betting Shops Will Close

You may be wondering why lots of betting shops are going to have to close simply due to the fact that the stake levels are going to be lowered on the FOBT’s, for a betting shop by its very nature is a place where punters can gamble on any type of sporting event and not simply play those gaming machines.

Well, it is due to the fact that betting shops are only allowed four FOBT’s per shop, and what may betting shop operators did was to open several shops in the same town to allow them to increase the number of machines they operate in those towns, as it is those machines that were profitable and not the income generated by punter betting on sporting events and sporting fixtures!

Will FOBT’s Ever Produce the Profits They Once Did?

One thing worth keeping in mind regarding the lowering of the stakes of betting shop located FOBT’s is that those stake reductions will bring them in line with what gamblers visiting land based casinos for example can wager per game they play off.

Therefore if a land based casino can stay in business offering games that can be played for a stake level of 2.00 per game, then a betting shop should always be able to quite easily do so too!

However, I am aware that to ensure the profit levels on FOBT’s are going to remain as high as possible many game designers are currently designing a brand new range of games that will be offered on FOBT’s once the stake level changes have to be put into place.

Those games are going to offer a rapid fire type of gaming experience, and will be very appealing to players too, so there should still be profits to be made by bookies operating those machines with the new games loaded onto them!

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