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July 23, 2018 July 23, 2018 David Nugent

There has of course been a much greater increase in awareness of gambling problems recently, and all of the major gambling commissions and gaming authorities have updated and in some cases even completely revamped their regulations surrounding gambling responsibly.

All betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers that are licensed by some of the most forward thinking gambling regulators but not some offshore betting site operators, are now obliged by law to put into place a raft of different features on their betting site platforms and betting apps that will allow their customers to always be in a position to gamble responsibly.

Therefore as somebody who may be about to venture into the online or for that matter mobile betting environments for the very first time please do read on to find out how those laws and regulations surrounding responsible gambling are going to affect you.

The very first thing however that you will be legally required to do when you do sign up to any tax paying and licensed betting site or download and register to make use of a mobile betting app is to prove your age, identity and your current address, but that usually simply entails you sending in copies of things such as a recent electricity bill and a copy of a passport or a driving license to the security teams at such sites and apps.

Self Imposed Punter Gambling Limits

By signing up to any betting app or betting site as soon as you then log into your account and before you even make a deposit or place a bet you will be prompted to set your own personal gambling limits for that session.

You can opt to set your own personal deposit maximum limit and even put into place time limits or maximum loss limits and as soon as you have reached those limits you will not be able to perform any more betting activities until the time limit has expired on each of the available limit options.

Pay-out and Cash-Out Limits

Each betting site or betting app is going to have their own unique set of terms and conditions associated with using their services, and they are something you should never overlook and should spend as much time as you require to read through them all.

That can often be a very long and drawn out thing to do, however by doing so you will be in a much better position to determine just whether you agree with the terms and conditions and betting rules in place at such a site, and can then make a well balanced decision as to whether to bet at that site or not.

One very important thing you should make a point of finding out is whether there are any maximum pay-out and cash out limits in place at any betting sites or betting apps you may be thinking of signing up to, for when you discover what those limits are you can then place your bets and wagers in such a way that you will never accidentally achieve a bigger pay-out that you are going to be paid out!

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