Tougher and Faster Action by the UK Gambling Commission

August 1, 2018 August 10, 2018 Danielle Green

One aspect of being a gambling site regulator is that there can often be other government agencies that are tasked with overseeing certain aspects of a gambling sites operation that can often cause both organisations to work independently of each other.

That is one thing that has been worrying the powers that being at the UK Gambling Commission, for when it comes to the advertising and promotion of gambling related sites it has been the case that the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has been responsible for such advertisements.

However, that is all going to change from the 31st October for the UK Gambling Commission in associated with the Competition and Market Authority will be working much closer and will be ensuring new gambling site advertisement laws are strictly adhered too,

One thing this new partnership will ensure is the rapid action on misleading gambling site advertisements and also a much faster way for the UK Gambling Commission to issues fines for breaches of the advertising laws in the UK, and that also include the monitoring of third party websites that are promotion a wide range of different gambling sites too,.

Third Party Affiliates and Websites

This new strategy by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Competition and Market Authority, will also see them directly taking action on all companies that are working for a betting or gambling site either via paid for advertisements or sites that are affiliates f gambling site operators too.

As such that is going to see  a new raft of urgent measures adopted by all gambling sites operators to ensure that all of the companies, business and affiliates they work with are comply to both the UK Gambling Commission and Competition and Market Authority regulations.

Better for Gamblers

The one upshot of all of the above is that online and mobile gamblers are no longer going to be at the mercy of shady operators who have been luring them in to gamble at sites will offers that were not as exactly what they first appeared.

With that in mind any gambler that experiences that in the future will have a direct line of communication with the commission and authority mentioned above, who will then be able to look into the complaint and get it addressed rapidly too.

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