Understanding an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

December 28, 2017 December 28, 2017 Amanda Rothman

As someone who may place a lot of bets at various different gambling and betting sites, there is always going to be a chance that you could experience a problem with a bet you have placed.

When that happens what you should of course do is to make contact with the customer care team at the site you are gambling at explain the problem, and then in most instances the support tem member will be able to sort out that problem for you there and then.

However, if the problem you have experienced is a little bit more technical then the support agent could refer it to a supervisor or the duty manager at the site you are gambling at and he or she will then look into the problem and hopefully very quickly get it rectified for you.

There could be the chance though that your problem is not going to be rectified to your satisfaction, and when that is the case most gamblers will turn to a gambling sites’ licensing authority in the hope they have the power to get a problem sorted out.

Whilst a number of licensing authorities have a complains channel that online gamblers can turn to and utilize, many of them don’t, but you will often find that as part of the terms and conditions of their gambling license most sites have to nominate something known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service as the way in which unresolved problems can be addressed.

Most Common Gambling Related Complaints

The most common problem that online gamblers are going to experience is in regards to all manner of different promotional offers which can and often do include bonuses or free bets.

It has to be understood by gamblers who do wish to claim any type of promotional offers that they have been offered and qualified for that they will each come with their own set of rules and often lots of terms and conditions too.

Many gamblers are in a rush to gamble of course and will rarely if ever read through the terms and conditions associated with any gambling sites’ promotional offers, and that then will see them running the risk of falling foul of one of those terms and conditions.

If you for example have taken a bonus offer that does not permit you to bet on a soccer match, but you then place a bet on a soccer match with your bonus funds, that bet is not going to stand win or lose, and as such if you do win when placing such a bet your winnings will be cancelled by the betting site!

Maximum payout limits are another aspect of gambling online that you could experience problems with, most if not all betting sites will only permit you to win a certain amount off anyone single inning bet and if you do win over a certain amount then that payout limit will kick in.

How to Avoid Problems When Gambling Online

If you do intend to gamble online then you really do need to ensure that when doing so you are never going to run into any type of problems, for if you do it could take a very long time to get those problems sorted out, and they may not be rectified to your liking either!

As such if you want to claim promotional offers from any type of gambling site then the onus is always on you to read through all of the terms and conditions associated with the promotional offer you want to claim and to ensure you understand them too.

Also, make sure that you do only ever sign up to and gamble at a gambling site that does offer an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service, as that way in the unlikely event of any problem you do experience not being rectified by the gambling sites management team or support staff you will be able to turn to that ADR service for help and assistance.

If you do want to completely negate the possibility of you ever running into any bonus or promotional offer type of problem then it may be best for you to never make use of such offers, and instead just gamble with your own gambling funds, as that way you can bet on what you like, when you like and not have to abide by any type of terms and conditions related to what you can bet on and how!

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